A recent study found breeding cattle for carcass quality traits over the long run can help put serious coin in cow-calf producers' pockets.

Breeding for carcass quality has a payoff

Using genomics to improve carcass quality can greatly improve profitability, study says

Sourcing quality breeding stock has the greatest impact on carcass quality — and having carcass data is “integral” to that process. But too many producers are flying blind, according to Tom Lynch-Staunton, director of industry relations for Livestock Gentec. “Most people sell their calves in the fall at weaning and really have no idea how […]

Country star Gord Bamford has raised 
more than $2 million for youth-oriented charities.

Giving back in a big way

His charity efforts are soaring as high as his country music career. The record $503,000 raised at Gord Bamford’s seventh annual golf tourney at the Lacombe Golf Club and a sold-out gala in Red Deer last month had the country star shaking his head in wonder. “I was thinking about our first year when the […]


Alberta agricultural producers accept the ice bucket challenge

The ice bucket challenge is hot, and members of Alberta’s farm community aren’t letting it cool off. Rick Taillieu of the Alberta Canola Producers Commission let each of his four daughters dump a bucket of ice water on his head. Farm advocate and blogger Sarah Schultz allowed her brother-in-law to use a front-end loader to […]

Jordan Jensen, project manager of Sustainable Farm Families, a new program designed to help farmers take control of their health.

New program takes aim at high early mortality rate of farmers

Stress, poor eating habits and other factors mean farmers have higher 
rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory issues

You can’t enjoy your farm if you’re dead — but many farmers take better care of their land, equipment, or animals than themselves. “It’s true for my family and a lot of farmers I know,” said Jordan Jensen, who grew up near Raymond and is now project manager of Sustainable Farm Families Canada. “Farmers tend […]

Drew Juuti, 15, stands with his bottle baby, EVangeline, a four-month-old yak. Evangeline is mostly yak, but has a little bit of cow in her as well.

It’s a long way from their homeland, but yaks flourishing on Rimbey ranch

Yaks are easy keepers, easy calvers and easy to move, 
but they are so rare, it’s hard to find yak meat and fibre

Shane Juuti can really yak about his yaks. They’re easy keepers, easy calvers, low maintenance, and do well in cold winter months, said Juuti who has been raising yaks since 1996 and now has 225 animals, the largest herd in Alberta. That’s roughly one-quarter of the Canadian herd, which numbers less than 1,000 (there are […]


Beef research council putting out the welcome mat for young researchers

Many new researchers are born overseas or are unfamiliar 
with the Canadian cattle industry

Worried by the prospect of losing rising young stars, the Beef Cattle Research Council is reaching out with a mentorship program that matches scientists new to the Canadian cattle scene with industry vets. “We want to take researchers with great technical skills and make sure they stay within our industry,” said Andrea Brocklebank, executive director […]

The famed Kinsella “research ranch” was the home of groundbreaking cattle research conducted by Roy Berg.

The fearless researcher who revolutionized cattle breeding

Roy Berg was once the most reviled cattle researcher in the country — until he proved 
that crossbreeding could produce spectacular productivity gains

He was an intrepid man whose controversial work earned him scores of critics — but his name will now live on as the research station where Roy Berg conducted much of his revolutionary work on beef cattle. Nearly 300 people — friends, colleagues, former students, industry specialists, and family members — travelled to the Kinsella […]

rooster crowing

Shady chicken-meat imports have Canadian poultry producers riled up

Mislabelling chicken as spent fowl has allowed American chicken processors to avoid more than $60 million in yearly tariffs, say Canadian chicken producers

Canadian chicken producers are crying foul over shady American spent fowl exports. Last year, Canada imported more than 97 million kilograms of chicken meat that was declared as being from spent fowl — which is 110 per cent of the United States’ entire annual spent fowl production. “We’re importing a lot more (spent fowl) than […]

Eleven producers and grain industry representatives recently visited port facilities across the West Coast, like this one in Vancouver.

West Coast terminals have a beef with railways, too

Producers who recently toured terminal elevators say every 
official they met said railways are the bottleneck in the system

Turns out farmers aren’t the only ones with a beef with Canada’s railways — operators of West Coast ports say inadequate rail service is holding them back, too. Sylvan Lake farmer Michael Ammeter was one of 11 producers and grain industry representatives who toured ports in Portland, Vancouver, and Prince Rupert for five days in […]

Williamson new CEO of Ag for Life

Luree Williamson is replacing David Sprague as CEO of Ag for Life, who is retiring at the end of the month. Since joining Ag for Life in 2011, Sprague’s accomplishments include the launch of Ag for Life and the investment of over $3 million in agricultural education and rural and farm safety programming reaching close […]