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Alberta harvest reaches 32 per cent, some areas behind five-year average

Alberta crop conditions as of September 5

Harvest operations continue to benefit from the warm, dry weather which has encompassed much of the province. Light precipitation did fall in northerly regions but amounts were small causing minimal delays. Harvest progress has advanced to 32 per cent of the province completed primarily on the progress in the South and Central regions.

Harvest progress in the North East, North West and Peace regions remain behind 5 year averages due to delayed maturity, but preharvest work in the form of desiccant spraying and swathing of canola and cereals is in full swing. 31 per cent of the spring wheat crop has been harvested to date versus its 5 year average of 22 per cent. Barley is 39 per cent harvested compared to 22 per cent average, canola is 16 per cent harvested versus its 5 year average of 12 per cent and field peas are 78 per cent complete compared to a 5 year average harvest percentage of 83 per cent.

The provincial yield index improved modestly to 95.1 per cent. The yield index declined further in the South region to 72.6 per cent but rose in the Central to 96.0 per cent on producers reporting better than expected yields. Yield indexes in the North East, North West and Peace regions showed little change in this report.

Crop quality information is very preliminary with only one-third of harvest completed. Currently 92 per cent of HRS wheat is reported as grading 1 or 2 CW; 80 per cent of the durum reported in #1 or #2 grades; 85 per cent of barley as I CW or better; 88 per cent of canola grading 1-Canada; and 88 per cent of field peas grading 1 or 2-Canada.

Click here to read the full report on the Alberta Agriculture website, complete with graphics and a breakdown by regions.

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