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Get the latest performance data on canola varieties

The results from the 2017 variety performance trials are now available on an online, searchable database

Canola Performance Trials results for 2017 are now available in an online searchable database at the Canola Performance Trials website. Canola growers can use this online tool to finalize seed decisions for the coming growing season. The performance trials compare leading canola varieties in small-plot and field-scale trials. Results can be filtered by province, season […] Read more

Richardson pullout roils canola sector

Alberta Canola backs council, saying its marketing efforts and agronomic support are key to canola’s success

Richardson International’s decision not to renew its membership means a big financial hit for the Canola Council of Canada, but it could have been even worse. According to several reliable sources, Viterra had planned to leave too, but changed course — possibly because of a big cut in membership fees. Losing Canada’s two biggest grain […] Read more

Peace Country farmers told the time to halt clubroot is now

Workshops are being held across the region to arm farmers with best practices for combating the devastating canola disease

Clubroot was found in the Peace last summer — and that’s prompted an all-out effort to mobilize the farm community to do everything possible to halt the spread of the disease. Officials from the ag research group SARDA and local municipalities along with ag fieldmen are hosting workshops at seven different locations so producers can […] Read more

Canola producers get two new tools in the fight against blackleg

Tools to estimate yield loss and pinpoint the strain infesting your fields can help reduce the economic hit

Blackleg has become an expensive problem for canola producers, but growers will soon have two new tools to reduce the economic impact of the disease. “Blackleg wasn’t a real concern even a few years ago, but now it’s becoming increasingly important,” said Stephen Strelkov, a professor of plant pathology at the University of Alberta. “This […] Read more

Big stakes and big risks in Trans-Pacific trade talks

Canola and beef sectors say there’s no middle ground — reaching a deal 
will be a huge win and failure will be ‘a really bad scenario’

Without a new Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, two ag sectors won’t just miss out on multimillion-dollar opportunities — they’ll take a major hit in key Asian markets, say canola and beef officials. “There are some really clear benefits for Canada here in terms of growth potential, but also some very serious consequences if we don’t move […] Read more

THE GOLDEN CROP: The story for canola keeps getting better

Near-record crush and increasing global demand show that canola’s successful run is far from over

Canola is king across Alberta — and there’s no reason to think it won’t have a long and healthy reign. “Canola offers a leading and consistent mix of superior agronomics and strong demand,” said Greg Kostal, president of Kostal Ag Consulting. “Yeah, it has its ups and downs, and there’s little micro-reasons for it. But […] Read more

Lots of expert advice on offer

First events take place on Nov. 14 in Lacombe and Vermilion

This year’s Alberta Canola’s Powering Your Profits events feature experts in marketing (Greg Kostal, Mike Jubinville, Dave Gallant, Janelle Whitley, Brian Voth); agronomy (Ian Epp, Murray Hartman, Dan Orchard, Bruce Gossen, Neil Harker, Breanne Tidemann, Tom Wolf, Brittany Hennig, Clint Jurke, Scott Meers, Gregory Sekulic); management (Merle Good); taxes (Rob Strilchuk, Colin Miller & Ebony […] Read more

TOUGH MEASURES: Some counties taking zero-tolerance stand on clubroot

Destroying a canola crop is a last resort, but some counties say it’s necessary — and one took that step this spring

Some Alberta counties are taking a zero-tolerance approach to clubroot — and canola growers are learning the hard way that they mean business. “Our policy basically states that if you have clubroot, you cannot seed that land back to canola for four years,” said Steve Upham, reeve for the County of St. Paul. “We were […] Read more

Proper grain storage pays off

Getting grain to proper temperature and moisture levels is just the first step — constant monitoring is also vital

A grain producer’s hard work doesn’t end at harvest. “A tremendous amount of work goes into getting that crop to the point where you can actually put it in storage,” said Brent Elliott, infestation control and sanitation officer at the Canadian Grain Commission. “And once they’ve put it in storage, the common thought is, ‘OK, […] Read more

Prepare this fall to manage blackleg in canola next spring

A new diagnostic test will make it easier for producers to match the right kind of blackleg-resistant seed to the specific race in their fields

There are things you can do this fall to reduce your risk of blackleg next spring — and the first step is to scout for it. “The more you can identify it, the more you’re going to know whether you’re successful at controlling it,” said Clint Jurke, agronomy director for the Canola Council of Canada. […] Read more