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Prepare this fall to manage blackleg in canola next spring

A new diagnostic test will make it easier for producers to match the right kind of blackleg-resistant seed to the specific race in their fields

There are things you can do this fall to reduce your risk of blackleg next spring — and the first step is to scout for it. “The more you can identify it, the more you’re going to know whether you’re successful at controlling it,” said Clint Jurke, agronomy director for the Canola Council of Canada. […] Read more

Imagine you couldn’t grow canola, warns farm leader

Clubroot’s arrival in the Peace isn’t a shocker, but it’s another sign 
farmers are flirting with disaster, say canola experts

In the war between canola producers and clubroot, clubroot is winning. “The clubroot-infested area is spreading at roughly about 30 kilometres a year, and we’re only managing it at 20 kilometres a year,” said Dan Orchard, agronomy specialist for the Canola Council of Canada. “We got an appreciation this year for just how fast it […] Read more

Don’t like the grade or dockage assessment?

For $50, the Canadian Grain Commission will give you an independent assessment 
of the quality of your canola

Alberta producers are reporting large variations among buyers in their dockage assessment on canola, says a provincial crop market analyst. “On dockage alone, producers have reported from one to over three per cent differences in dockage on the same sample of their canola,” said Neil Blue. “These differences were reported both in cases of comparing […] Read more

‘Mystery’ canola attacker stumps scientists

Researchers have been trying to solve this ‘whodunit’ for years but so far, no one has been able to crack the case

It’s a classic ‘whodunit’ — the Case of the Confounding Canola Killer. And Alberta researchers are still scratching their heads over it 15 years later. “Since 2002, we’ve been finding this ‘mystery syndrome,’ and I don’t have a cause for it,” said provincial oilseed specialist Murray Hartman. “We get one nice flower that turns into […] Read more

Canola ripples felt widely through the Alberta and Canadian economies

The crop now contributes $26.7 billion a year to the Canadian economy, 
with a quarter of that in Alberta

Like a rock thrown in a lake creates ripples on shore, a new study shows the canola sector’s impact is growing large, causing ripples to turn to waves. Canola’s contribution to the Canadian economy has tripled over the past decade to $26.7 billion a year, according to an independent analysis done for the Canola Council […] Read more

Record-high canola crush is good news — but only for some growers

Growers can only hope discounts for damaged canola are reduced as supply dwindles

Alberta’s canola crush plants may be running at a record-high pace this year — but that only really benefits farmers who are close to those facilities, says a farmer northeast of Edmonton. “We’ve got it in the bins, but we’ve got no place to haul it,” said Doug Scott, whose closest crush plant is in […] Read more

Handy calculators for canola seeding

The Canola Council of Canada has two new smartphone-friendly calculators — one for seeding rate and another for a target plant stand. The target plant stand calculator has several criteria that you select for your farm: Uniformity of the stand you expect on your farm, early-season frost risk, expected weed and pest situation, and length […] Read more

Free trade deal with China worth billions, says canola council

Deal could up canola oil, seed, and meal sales to China by $1.2 billion a year and 
create 33,000 new jobs, says organization

The canola sector is welcoming Ottawa’s move to begin discussions on a free trade agreement with China. A free trade deal with China could create 33,000 additional jobs in Canada from increased exports of canola alone, said the Canola Council of Canada, which commissioned an independent analysis on that subject. “Freer trade with China would […] Read more