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Crop commissions launch new mentorship program

Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley are launching a mentorship program to develop future leaders in the industry. The AdvancingAg Future Leaders Program, which held a “meet-and-greet” earlier this month in Red Deer, pairs selected mentees with an agricultural industry leader who will share their knowledge and expertise based on similar interests and career goals over […] Read more

Looking to earn bragging rights as the best wheat grower?

Applications must be submitted by July 1

Alberta Wheat Commission is holding a fun contest to find the “most productive wheat grower” in the province. There are separate categories for dryland and irrigated farms, and entrants must grow a registered class/variety that falls under the Canadian Grain Commission western standards (CWRS, CWHWS, CWAD, CWRW, CWSWS, CWES, CPSW, CPSR, CNHR, or CWSP). The […] Read more

Unseeded acres this summer? Consider winter wheat

Producers have a few options for their unseeded acres this summer

A bad harvest followed by a wet, cool spring likely means that many producers won’t get all of their fields seeded this spring. And that means making the best of a bad situation. “Once we enter the middle of June, we’re looking at what producers can do with unseeded acres,” said Neil Whatley, crop specialist […] Read more

This malt’s for you — growers profit from ‘drink local’ movement

Alberta barley growers earn premiums — and satisfaction — by direct contracting with brewers

Wade McAllister didn’t expect to be a direct marketer when he returned to his family’s grain farm in 2010. But with the demise of the Canadian Wheat Board in 2012, McAllister found a whole new market open to him — direct contracts with breweries for his malt barley. “Ever since the wheat board was dropped, […] Read more

Farmer in wheat field

Spreading the word about wheat

The Alberta Wheat Commission has launched its first consumer marketing campaign: ‘Life’s Simple Ingredient.’ “Our campaign is designed to make people feel good about eating wheat,” said general manager Tom Steve. The campaign aims to persuade Alberta’s urban public that the consumption of wheat is an essential component in nourishing their families. It features nutritionists, […] Read more

Farmers can grow the Canadian economy — if they’re not shackled

Removing a tool that allows grain farmers to even out their income would hamper their ability to invest in and expand their operations 

As we enter another growing season, farmers are raising concerns over the federal government’s intention to review the option to defer cash purchase tickets — something that came with no warning prior to its mention in the federal budget. From where I sit, a mid-size incorporated family grain farm, we know that the reversal of […] Read more

Fusarium is tough, but you can fight back, says crop scientist

Planting winter wheat and bumping seeding rates can help, but fungicides aren’t a silver bullet

The forecast is for more fusarium — and possibly a lot more if it’s another wet year. “As you know, the severity and incidence of fusarium is actually on the rise — if we continue to get the weather that we’re getting, we can expect the same,” Agriculture Canada research scientist Brian Beres said during […] Read more

Cereal commissions launch mentorship program

Registration deadline for AdvancingAg Future Leaders is March 13

The province’s two main cereal groups are launching their version of a mentorship program that has already been a proven success in the beef sector. “The AdvancingAg Future Leaders program is about fostering a strong network of future agriculture leaders for a progressive and vibrant cropping industry in Alberta,” Kevin Bender, vice-chair of the Alberta […] Read more

Wheat checkoff to drop in August 2017

Alberta Wheat Commission is lowering the wheat levy by nine cents per tonne as part of a move to a single wheat checkoff. If approved by the province, the combined checkoff will drop to $1.09 in August. The single checkoff will combine the wheat commission’s current levy with the Western Canadian Deduction, which will end […] Read more

Don’t delay if you haven’t lined up seed

All that rain last year has elevated fusarium levels and lowered germination rates

The quality of cereal seed in Alberta is down — and disease pressure is up — across almost all classes, say players at the front lines of the upcoming growing season’s seed outlook. “Disease levels are a little higher this year and that’s having an adverse effect on quality,” said Trevor Nysetvold of BioVision, a […] Read more