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Hand over wheat field in early summer evening.

Wheat growers, plan this fall for next year’s wheat class changes

Almost 30 wheat varieties will be transitioning to the new Northern Hard Red class 
next August, and that could impact your bottom line

Alberta wheat producers need to start preparing this fall for next year’s Canadian wheat class changes. “When some farmers plant their wheat in the spring, it will be Canadian Western Red Spring, and when they harvest it, it will be in the new class,” said Brian Kennedy, grower relations and extension co-ordinator at Alberta Wheat. […] Read more

Is this the year that winter wheat makes a comeback?

Squeezing winter wheat seeding into a crammed harvest period is usually a big issue

Will there be an upswing in winter wheat acres this year? One of the biggest drawbacks is timing — you have to get your spring-seeded crop off the field before sowing winter wheat. But that won’t be as big an issue in a big chunk of Alberta this year. An estimated 508,000 acres were never […] Read more


Alberta Wheat Commission turns five years old

The Alberta Wheat Commission has “come a long way” since its founding five years ago, says the organization’s general manager. In a website posting, Tom Steve pointed to Alberta Wheat’s “robust research portfolio focused on genetics and agronomic performance” that has nearly 40 projects on initiatives such as higher-yielding varieties, fusarium resistance, premium-quality winter wheat, […] Read more

New technology poised to give barley a boost

Researchers aim to breed barley tailored to very specific needs

There’s a bright future for boring old barley. Aside from malt, barley doesn’t generate a lot of excitement for Prairie grain growers — something you can see in acreage figures (which have fallen by more than a third in Alberta and by nearly half in Western Canada during the past decade). But new technology is […] Read more

Now is the time to create next year’s battle plan for fusarium

Scouting this year is the first step in limiting the impact of the cereal disease next year

Although it’s likely too late to apply a fungicide for fusarium graminearum, producers can still use the information they gather about the outbreak to plan for subsequent growing seasons. Fusarium graminearum is considered the most important fusarium head blight (FHB) species due to its aggressiveness and production of deoxynivalenol or DON (a.k.a. vomitoxin), said crop […] Read more

Prairie grain growers have a big stake in NAFTA talks

Trade deal has produced great benefits and can be made even better

The North American Free Trade Agreement has been a boon for Canadian agricultural producers, facilitating cross-border trade and commerce, and fuelling the economic performance and growth of this highly export-driven sector. It has achieved this mainly through the continued reduction of tariffs on agricultural goods, but also through measures addressing non-tariff trade barriers, sanitary and […] Read more

Plant growth regulators are picky about staging — and varieties

Research is underway to find which cereal cultivars respond to plant growth regulators

Lodging is a serious issue for crop growers — but plant growth regulators may not be the cure-all producers are hoping for, depending on the variety that’s being grown. “What we really need to do is find a solution for standability, and plant growth regulators may be one of those agronomic tools that we can […] Read more

Get the lowdown on grain grading

Workshop in Olds on July 27

[UPDATED: July 24, 2017]*: The Making the Grade workshop will be held at Olds College on July 27. Producers will participate in hands-on grading workshops for barley, canola, wheat, and pulses. Speakers from the Canadian Grains Commission, Cigi, and the Canola Council of Canada will guide participants through the details of grading parameters and practices. As […] Read more

Prairie wheat commissions, grain firms to fund Cigi

New chair Kevin Bender says provincial wheat commissions were keen to ‘step up’ and grain companies are now on board too

Farmers and grain companies have come together to provide core funding for the Canadian International Grains Institute — and an Albertan will chair the new board of directors of Cigi. “The end of the western Canadian deduction is happening at the end of July — that was the checkoff money that was going to fund […] Read more

Crop commissions launch new mentorship program

Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley are launching a mentorship program to develop future leaders in the industry. The AdvancingAg Future Leaders Program, which held a “meet-and-greet” earlier this month in Red Deer, pairs selected mentees with an agricultural industry leader who will share their knowledge and expertise based on similar interests and career goals over […] Read more