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Way up north, there’s an unusual sight — soybeans

Peace Country growers are testing new early-maturing varieties of a crop associated with the American Midwest

La Crete is nearly 3,000 kilometres north of the continent’s soybean heartland, but that hasn’t stopped some farmers in the area from giving the crop a whirl. “Our most farthest north-grown soybeans… looking great in La Crete,” Canterra Seeds rep Jesse Meyer tweeted earlier this month when posting a picture of soybeans growing in the […] Read more


Thinking of trying soybeans? Then steer clear of illegitimate seed

Unscrupulous seed sellers are bringing seed across the border that’s not suited for Alberta or is under patent protection

If someone who isn’t a certified seed dealer offers you a good deal on soybeans, it’s probably too good to be true. Although it hasn’t been seen in Alberta directly yet, there have been reports of sellers peddling illegitimate Roundup Ready trait soybeans in Western Canada. “We know that some of these illegitimate sellers are […] Read more

man standing in field of soybeans

No hill of beans — soybeans get a boost with expanded insurance plan

The New Crops Insurance Initiative, which also covers forages and other special crops, will give coverage for soybeans in specified areas

Soybeans are here to stay in Alberta and the announcement they now qualify for Agricultural Financial Services Crop insurance coverage is expected to boost acreage. “There were a number of people who were waiting for that program to be in place before growing soybeans, so I see it as a positive step for expanding the […] Read more

No hill of beans: fababean acreage soars, soybeans may be next

Faba bean acreage has increased tenfold in two years and could double again next year, with soybeans following suit

Every farmer knows a four-year crop rotation is best for good crops, healthy fields and managing pests. However, the four-year ideal often clashes with production reality: canola has been the big money-maker, and while legumes are good for nitrogen fixing, they usually pay less and can present big challenges with disease, standability and harvestability compared […] Read more