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Verified Beef Production Plus launches expanded website

The Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program has a new website, with information for both consumers and producers. The website,, has information on topics such as VBP+ online training, five easy steps for getting on the program, and details on modules for animal care, biosecurity, and environmental stewardship. There is also an auction listing […] Read more

Cattle released from quarantine have a clean bill of health

‘Early’ release animals may be sold, commingled, and moved — and carry no higher risk than any other cattle

As the Canadian Food inspection Agency (CFIA) investigation into bovine tuberculosis progresses, so too does the status of the cattle involved. The majority of cattle operations identified as contact herds have completed the required testing and been released from quarantine without any restrictions. CFIA grants a full release from quarantine once the cattle have been […] Read more

The battle against TB is a ‘painful journey’ but worth the effort

There are several ways to improve bovine security, even in areas where wildlife may harbour the disease

The measures used to battle bovine tuberculosis are tough, but well worth it, says one of the vets in the line of defence. “Most of our focus is that it is a reportable disease and TB-free status is jealously guarded as a trade advantage to Canada,” Allan Preston, Manitoba’s bovine TB co-ordinator, said during a […] Read more

The lowdown on bovine tuberculosis

Caused by a sneaky ‘bacterial ninja,’ 
bovine TB is a disease with few symptoms, but important consequences

Despite the ongoing bovine tuberculosis situation in southeastern Alberta, many producers may not know some basic facts about the disease. “Bovine TB is caused by bacteria. Many types of mycobacteria exist, and many types of mycobacteria bovis exist,” Karin Schmid, beef production specialist with Alberta Beef Producers, said during a recent Beef Cattle Research Council […] Read more

New beef research fact sheets available

Fact sheets on two research projects funded by Alberta Beef Producers are now available at Impact of Trace Minerals and Infectious Disease on Reproductive Performance examines the effect of trace mineral deficiencies (which reduce growth, milk production, and reproductive rate, and also cause a variety of metabolic diseases) in high-risk geographical regions. Investigating Lameness […] Read more

Canada has changed — and the beef industry must, too, says marketer

Newcomers don’t celebrate over roast beef dinners, millennials 
want cheap and convenient, and boomers are big on healthy eating

If you want to sell beef, you’re going to have to learn about the new Canada, says a digital marketing expert. “They’re not the same people as before — these are not your grandpa’s target markets, by any stretch,” Doug Lacombe, president of Calgary-based Communicatto, said at the recent Alberta Beef Industry Conference. “Most of […] Read more

Mentoring program seeks up-and-coming researchers

Application deadline is May 1

Applications for the Beef Researcher Mentorship Program are now being accepted. Now in its fourth year, the program pairs up-and-coming researchers with two mentors — an innovative producer and another industry expert — for a one-year term beginning in August. Each of the 11 researchers who have participated in the program have reported very successful […] Read more

Nominations sought for outstanding beef scientist

Nominations must be received by May 1

Do you know a researcher or scientist who has helped make the Canadian beef industry more competitive and sustainable? The Beef Cattle Research Council is looking for nominations for the Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation. Read more: Mentoring program seeks up-and-coming researchers The award is for researchers who have been active in […] Read more

What’s your experience with mob grazing?

Do you use adaptive multi-paddock (AMP) grazing on your ranch? Richard Teague from the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Texas A&M Agrilife Research, is looking for ranchers who use AMP — a.k.a. mob grazing or intensive grazing — to participate in a research study. The Grazing Research Project, which is being co-ordinated and […] Read more

You need to think about shrink long before the transport truck arrives

Training your cattle to stay calm and properly preparing them for the stress of transport pays big dividends

Practising low-stress handling techniques has its benefits — it may actually help reduce shrink during transportation. “It’s about how we set animals up to interact with humans — any time you interact with them you’re training them how to respond and what to expect from humans,” said Christy Goldhawk who did her doctorate work on […] Read more