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Goats and beetles used to fight invasive species

Leafy spurge is found across Alberta and its creeping root system makes it very difficult to control

Pull, mow, burn, and spray. These are common ways that Ducks Unlimited Canada manages invasive plant species on projects located on agricultural land. But there’s a new management tool in the mix now being used by the organization. It has started using goats and flea beetles to help combat leafy spurge at its Frank Lake […] Read more

Invasive perennial grass threatens irrigation systems

Officials aren’t sure how Phragmites arrived in the province but are urgently trying to eradicate it

Phragmites is an invasive perennial grass that can reach heights up to four metres tall and likes to grow in low lying areas with water. When invasive Phragmites is introduced to natural areas, it spreads rapidly, via rhizomes, and can be difficult to control once established. “It has harmful effects on native species and aquatic […] Read more

Three cattle producers say keeping track pays off

For the record: These producers say keeping detailed production and herd records is well worth the effort

The Beef Cattle Research Council recently posted two in-depth articles on record-keeping and benchmarking. The articles look at the benefits, what records to keep, resources, and how good records can boost profitability. But they also note a recent survey found that while almost all producers keep some sort of records (such as birthdates, culling/death loss […] Read more

Eight steps for your HR strategy

The labour gap in Canadian agriculture continues to widen and is expected to double by 2025. That’s prompting more farm businesses to focus on recruiting and retaining employees. At the same time, with employment standards constantly changing, and with considerations such as health and safety and workers compensation to think about, some farms are beginning[...]
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Community to ‘transform’ Guelph’s Kemptville ag campus

The home municipality for Ontario Agricultural College’s (OAC) former Kemptville campus is set to remake the site as an “education and community hub.” The municipality of North Grenville, which includes Kemptville, about 40 km south of Ottawa, closed a deal in December to purchase the Kemptville ag campus, with the official transfer due to take[...]
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What was the real bottom line on your farm in 2017?

Cash accounting can save you taxes, but it doesn’t give you a true picture of profitability

Was your farm profitable in 2017? Now is the time to find out by converting cash statements to accrual income and expenses statements, says a provincial farm financial specialist. “The majority of farms still report their incomes and expenses on a cash basis via their annual income tax returns with the goal of avoiding or[…]
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Last chance to deliver cancelled canola variety

The Canadian Grain Commission is making an exception and allowing deliveries of canola variety 46A76 made before Aug. 1 to be assigned any grade for canola. The registrant of 46A76 had applied to cancel the variety’s registration, a popular open-pollinated canola variety in parts of Alberta. Alberta Canola learned about the cancellation last spring, but[…]
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A bunch of hemp seeds in a closeup

Looking for hemp opportunities down under?

Australia and New Zealand have approved the sale of foods derived from hemp for human consumption. Hemp in Australia and New Zealand is cultivated under strict licensing arrangements and prior to this approval was only permitted for use as a source of fibre for clothing and building products. “Short-term opportunities for Alberta companies exist for[…]
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‘Realistic, simple and doable’ is key to farm safety plan

Alberta AgSafe modelled on B.C. program that makes listening the cornerstone of its approach

A safer farm begins with three questions, says a longtime farm safety consultant in B.C. What’s the problem? What have you done about it? How can you prove it? “We’re pretty good at ‘a’ and ‘b’ – we recognize the problem and we try to fix it, although sometimes we take shortcuts or monkey-fix it,”[…]
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