Horizontal motion portrait of a man in gray sport jacket and safety helmet and goggles driving mud-covered yellow ATV 4x4 quad bike with dirt spinning of the wheels.

Avoiding ATV rollovers on the farm

You may use an ATV for fun or for profit. But more importantly you should always use them safely. Rollovers happen alarmingly fast, so always wear a helmet, gloves, long sleeves, pants, and boots, even when only travelling a short distance. Inappropriate gear, such as loose clothing, can get caught on controls and doesn’t provide […] Read more

Handy calculators for canola seeding

The Canola Council of Canada has two new smartphone-friendly calculators — one for seeding rate and another for a target plant stand. The target plant stand calculator has several criteria that you select for your farm: Uniformity of the stand you expect on your farm, early-season frost risk, expected weed and pest situation, and length […] Read more

Ribbons to promote ag safety

An Alberta idea is going national this winter to encourage farmers to think safety

An Alberta farm safety campaign is getting a second life by going national. AgSafe lapel ribbons premiered in Alberta in 2012 to raise awareness about farm safety in the province, said Kenda Lubeck who is a farm safety co-ordinator for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “We wanted a visual that would encourage discussions for every- body […] Read more

Business help just a phone call away

If you’re thinking of a new farm business or expanding an existing one, there’s a new-venture specialist willing to help. “New-venture coaches do their best to help you get your business to-do list into reality, to get a new income stream planned for the farm into a sustainable business, or even just support a startup […] Read more

Do you have an emergency response plan?

Every farm should have an emergency response plan, says an Alberta Agriculture farm safety specialist. That plan needs to include “procedures, training and exercises based on individual farming and ranching needs,” said Blair Takahashi. A chain of command should also be established to minimize confusion and alternate means of communicating. Practice drills will not only […] Read more

Craig Dorin named vet of the year

Dr. Craig Dorin of Veterinary Agri-Health Services in Airdrie is the recipient of this year’s Veterinarian of the Year Award given out by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association. Other award winners were Dr. Cary Hashizume (Meritorious Service Award), Dr. Blake Balog (Young Veterinarian of the Year Award), and Shirley Gostola (Veterinary Technologist of the Year […] Read more

Accentuate the positive — consumers want a happy beef story

Canada Beef research finds consumers already in love with the product, the lifestyle, and the brand

Talk about Canadian beef in a positive way, and consumers will buy and eat more beef. That was a key finding of in-depth research by Canada Beef — and something that surprised marketing officials who figured today’s consumers are fixated on topics such as antibiotics and animal welfare. “Consumers wanted to hear about producers; they […] Read more

Market to the people who already love your beef, says expert

Beef hedonists, ranching romantics, and true patriots are the biggest fans of Canadian beef

Why would you try pursuing someone who doesn’t like you? That’s the key to romance — and to marketing beef. “As an industry, we have been starting with the logic perspective for a very long time,” James Bradbury, Canada Beef’s brand officer, said at the Alberta Beef Industry Conference. “We need to start coming across […] Read more

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