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A healthy gut microbiome critical to horse health

A healthy gut microbiome critical to horse health

Immune, neurological, and hormonal systems can all be affected by this microbial community

Reading Time: 3 minutes Although invisible to the naked eye, the horse and human cannot exist apart from the biology and ecology of their microbiome and the microbiome is being heralded as the next most important bodily system. There is emerging evidence the gut microbiome — with its complex interactions of microbial communities including bacteria, archaea, parasites, protozoa, viruses […] Read more

Schoepp: Two similar families take two very different paths

Schoepp: Two similar families take two very different paths

The different lines we lay down for our sons and daughters have wide-ranging impacts

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is the story of two farming families and their daughters. It is a factual case study and highlights the impact of language and messaging; particularly between fathers and the future female farmer. Although located in different regions, the farms and families are very similar. Both had one daughter and several sons. Both farms were […] Read more

Research is looking for ways for livestock producers to get the best bang for the vaccine buck.

Beef 911: Our thinking about vaccinations is evolving for the better

Reading Time: 4 minutes We want to get the best bang for our vaccine buck, and research is looking for ways to do that This article will focus on some recent work on vaccination by Dr. Nathan Erickson and others at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. They basically had different calf groups vaccinated with different respiratory virus products […] Read more

Schoepp: Farms have become foreign places for far too many people

Schoepp: Farms have become foreign places for far too many people

How food is grown needs to be part of the conversation from grade school to college

Reading Time: 3 minutes A reporter standing in a farmer’s field opened her newscast with this statement: “I never thought of agriculture being part of food but it is true! They are related. We get food from agriculture!” This person was honestly quite excited about this new revelation and their first road trip down a dirt road. As the […] Read more

Though often thought of as a problem of the feet or legs, lameness can and often does involve virtually any part of the horse’s body.

There are many kinds of ‘lame’

It’s a blanket term that can cover a lot of conditions

Reading Time: 4 minutes Despite their remarkable strength and resiliency, horses are highly susceptible to lameness. In fact, lameness is the most common symptom presented to the equine veterinarian. Almost every horse will experience some kind of lameness during its lifetime. Its diagnosis, treatment and collateral losses represent one of the most costly health problems for the equine industry. […] Read more

There is strong evidence that consumers are looking beyond the brand to product claims.

Schoepp: Consumers are looking beyond the brand, and that’s a big shift

Products like grass-fed beef and ‘milk’ made from oats create powerful images in the minds of people

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you have ever found yourself wandering up and down the grocery store aisle with a furrowed brow as you make purchasing choices, you are not alone. We have all at some time been lost in the aisles and deviated from the list of things we just were going to ‘pop in’ for. What drives […] Read more

“Please listen to your veterinary health providers and use the vaccinations, parasite control and other preventative measures they recommend to give your herd immunity.” – Roy Lewis.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a ‘closed herd’ is an excuse for inaction

Transmission can occur from wildlife, via spores or breeding bulls, so be proactive

Reading Time: 3 minutes In my travels, on calls or when talking to other veterinarian’s producers, I still hear some hide behind the proverbial ‘I don’t do that because I have a closed herd.’ It is an absolute misconception that because a herd is ‘closed,’ it is protected. That is a very broad statement and may apply to a […] Read more

Less than two per cent of the Earth’s surface is fresh water.

Schoepp: Weighing up the world in terms of the water being used

The jeans you wear, gas for your car and food on the table all require a lot of water

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farmers have their eyes to the skies as they watch, and often wait, for water. Critical for all living things, water is more than just a raindrop and a good wash; it is a social determinate of health and the very foundation of our being and of food production. Less than two per cent of […] Read more

Can you have a regenerative system and still optimize carrying capacity and performance in the livestock that you graze or feed? The answer is yes!

Schoepp: People need to know livestock can be good for the environment

In a regenerative program, livestock bring a host of benefits — but that fact is being ignored

Reading Time: 3 minutes Livestock have come under the magnifying lens as being destructive for the climate and for the environment. Producers have been quick to respond and Canada leads the way globally with its environmentally conscious and sustainable beef supply chain. However, society as a whole does not understand the role of livestock in systems. The concept of […] Read more