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Sea surface temperature anomalies over the Pacific Ocean in degrees Celsius for the week centred on Oct. 13, 2021. (

Another La Nina winter predicted

Polar vortex to chill Prairies, more snow further east, AccuWeather says

Data compiled by a U.S. federal weather forecasting agency show La Nina conditions have developed over the central Pacific Ocean and are likely to linger through February. And La Nina, in turn, is expected to produce hard cold snaps over the Prairies, above-normal precipitation over southern British Columbia and relatively mild temperatures with more snow […] Read more

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White House not ruling out a U.S. carbon tax

Option 'not off the table' despite Manchin comment

Washington | Reuters –– The White House on Tuesday said it has not ruled out a carbon tax as a possible option for fighting climate change, even though U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, a critical holdout in the closely divided Senate, said he was not discussing the topic in talks about U.S. spending and infrastructure bills. […] Read more

File photo of a soybean plantation in Brazil. (Mailson Pignata/iStock/Getty Images)

More acres seen needed worldwide to meet mounting crops demand

U.S. acres may have already hit ceiling: AgResource chief

Geneva | Reuters — Farmers need more space to grow crops to meet mounting demand for food and renewable fuel at a time of slowing growth in yields, consultancy AgResource said on Tuesday. A renewable fuel push under U.S. President Joe Biden’s climate agenda is set to trigger a boom in soyoil use, reinforcing a […] Read more

Bayer’s cross symbol hangs in a terminal at Frankfurt International Airport. (Typhoonski/iStock Editorial/Getty Images)

Bayer sees farmers pre-buying inputs as supply-chain snarls continue

Chicago/Berlin | Reuters — U.S. farmers are pre-buying seeds and chemicals they need earlier than normal, in a bid to secure supplies for next spring amid sector-wide supply-chain problems, a top executive at German agricultural and pharmaceuticals firm Bayer said Tuesday. Bayer also estimates its average seed prices will go up about five per cent […] Read more

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Hay-starved Prairies fertile ground for online scammers

At least $64,000 lost in Alberta alone, RCMP says

High demand, scarce supplies and rising prices for hay and other feeds due to this summer’s drought on the Prairies have made a market for online scammers, RCMP warn. The urgency driving such transactions may cause ranchers, farmers and farm workers to make purchases “without taking time to properly verify or research production sources,” Alberta […] Read more

Its’ important to build a rotational system that incorporates diversity in plants and manage those pastures so the plants can continue to grow.

Schoepp: A solid foundation is key to resilience and can’t be neglected

This summer spoke volumes about the need for rotational grazing and regenerative practices

Reading Time: 3 minutes General Motors declared bankruptcy in June of 2009 after steadily losing money since 2005. GM’s plight has become a case study and is often used in education programs for directors on boards, but it also holds a lesson for farmers. During the time of its decline, GM was scrambling to produce a vehicle for everyone […] Read more

File photo of equipment tracks over a field in England. (Georgeclerk/E+/Getty Images)

Regulations on gene-edited crops to be eased in England

London | Reuters — Britain’s farming and environment minister George Eustice announced Wednesday that regulations related to gene editing in agricultural research would be eased in England following a public consultation. Rules will now largely be aligned with conventional breeding methods for research and development into plants although scientists will still be required to notify […] Read more

AgCanada forage breeder Surya Acharya has a lot of admirers, including Alberta ranchers Darren Bevans (on left), Doug Wray and Craig Lehr (flanking Acharya) and Graeme Finn (second from right). Also pictured are (from left) science director Reynold Bergen and executive director Andrea Brocklebank from the BCRC along with forage breeder Hari Poudel and forage agronomy technician Brandon Eisenreich from AAFC Lethbridge.

Lethbridge forage breeder receives top beef research award

Surya Acharya is not only prolific but knows what ranchers need in a variety

Reading Time: 2 minutes Renowned forage breeder Surya Acharya is the 2021 winner of the Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation. “Dr. Acharya is respected and appreciated by academics and producers alike,” said Matt Bowman, an Ontario producer and chair of the Beef Cattle Research Council. “His work addresses real industry obstacles with solutions that consider producers’ needs through […] Read more