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Darkening in pinto beans has an economic cost for growers and processors, and that spurred researcher Sangeeta Dhaubhadel to hunt for the gene that causes darkening.

Successful hunt for ‘P’ gene to pay dividends for bean growers

Darkening pinto bean problem solved by gene discovery, which benefits breeders and farmers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Can one small gene really affect an entire crop or does it amount to only a hill of beans? It does matter if we’re talking about pinto beans. “Most beans keep the same look after growers harvest and store them,” said Sangeeta Dhaubhadel, a research scientist at the London Research and Development Centre. “With pinto […] Read more

Livestock or pets not considered a risk for COVID-19

Livestock or pets not considered a risk for COVID-19

Reading Time: < 1 minute There is currently no evidence that animals become sick with COVID-19 or spread the infection. Imports and exports of plants and animals to and from Canada are not currently affected. However, the CFIA will take any necessary action to protect the safety of Canada’s plants and animals. (Updates will be posted at There have […] Read more

Dry conditions and a shortage of feed has prompted Ottawa to make much of Western Canada eligible for its Livestock Tax Deferral Provision program.

Tax relief offered to livestock producers short on feed

If you’re forced to sell breeding stock but planning to restock, you can defer taxes for a year

Reading Time: < 1 minute Twenty-one counties and municipal districts in Alberta are on the “initial list” of regions where livestock producers can defer taxes because of feed shortfalls. The federal government’s Livestock Tax Deferral Provision program allows producers to defer a portion of their 2018 sale proceeds of breeding livestock until 2019 to help replenish the herd. The cost […] Read more

Methane emissions from a steer were measured by Agriculture Canada researchers.

Two feed supplements lower methane emissions

Feeding wheat to dairy and beef cattle also lowered emissions 
but the effect was short lived

Reading Time: 2 minutes A recent study has found feed supplements can reduce methane emissions from dairy and beef cattle. Researchers from Canada and Australia conducted the three-year study. “We need to know how feed affects methane production, but we also need to know how it affects other aspects of the farm operation, like daily gains in animals, milk […] Read more

Three recent barley varieties to check out

Three recent barley varieties to check out

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here are three recent barley varieties developed by Agriculture Canada breeders. Roseland is a new two-row spring hulless food barley cultivar with excellent bread-making qualities developed at the Brandon Research and Development Centre. It has improved lodging resistance, higher test weight, and better threshability than check cultivar Millhouse and similar flour quality characteristics to Falcon […] Read more

Farm management scholarship available

Application deadline is Sept. 15

Reading Time: < 1 minute Applications are now being accepted for the Robert L. Ross Memorial Scholarship, which gives a Canadian farmer a chance to attend the Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management (CTEAM) program. The program provides farmers the opportunity to learn detailed financial, marketing and human relations management skills, using their own operation as a case study. One […] Read more

New potatoes and green parsley

Researchers release 15 new potato varieties

Genomic tools are increasingly used to identify favourable traits 
and speed the breeding process

Reading Time: < 1 minute Reds, a wedge with an edge, and a super storer are among this year’s new potato selections from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Red-skinned varieties made up half of the total selections that Ag Canada potato breeders released earlier this month during their annual release open house. This includes a multi-purpose variety that shows promise for […] Read more

Funding available for green projects

Reading Time: < 1 minute Do you need help making environmental improvements to your farm? Canada’s Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative will provide $1.9 million to help farmers, non-profits, and other organizations hire post-secondary graduates who are 30 years or younger and want to work in agriculture. Projects must offer an environmental benefit, be completed by March 2017, and the […] Read more

Female parasitic wasp with midge eggs.

Good bugs save you big bucks when wheat midge arrives

Wheat midge has moved into Alberta. but two natural predators will be on your side if you foster their populations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wheat midge, a non-native pest that feeds on developing wheat kernels, is a serious economic threat to farmers, especially in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. But the pest is now a growing problem in Alberta, including Peace River country, and starting to attack Montana’s wheat crops. However, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers know ways to reduce its […] Read more

Recent dry weather slows stripe rust spread

Recent dry weather slows stripe rust spread

Producers are encouraged to monitor for the presence of the long, bright orange stripes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Seven winter wheat and 18 spring wheat fields were surveyed for stripe rust in the Lethbridge, Vulcan, Newell and Taber counties southern Alberta. The recent hot dry weather in southern Alberta has slowed the rate of spread of the pathogen. Fields in the Vulcan and Newell Counties were showing signs of drought stress. In general, […] Read more