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Bovine tuberculosis investigation nearly complete

The bovine tuberculosis investigation in southeastern Alberta is wrapping up. Six positive cases were found in one herd after TB was detected in September 2016. Since then about 800 culture results have all come back negative, Dr. Rick James-Davies (the CFIA official in charge of the investigation) said at Alberta Beef Producers’ recent AGM. Approximately […] Read more

Cattle producers urged to get premises identification number

The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency is urging Alberta livestock producers to prepare for new livestock traceability regulations that once enacted will require them to have a valid, premises identification (PID) number. A producer can call Alberta’s PID registry at 310-FARM with a legal land description to confirm or acquire a PID, or contact a field […] Read more

Producers wanted for study on animal welfare

Participants are needed for a study on producer perceptions of animal welfare. The research project will examine the practices and perceptions of farm animal welfare among livestock producers, feedlot owners, and beef processors in both the beef and dairy industries of Alberta. It is being conducted in the context of the short-lived move by Earls […] Read more

Passionate about livestock? AFAC needs you

Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) is seeking volunteers to help with the ALERT line. Volunteers need to be passionate about livestock welfare and knowledgeable about current practices of care. AFAC is especially in need of volunteers with knowledge of any livestock species in northern Alberta and in remote locations, but welcomes volunteers from anywhere in […] Read more

New version of cattle cash advance program

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada recently announced a new version of cash advances for cattle using coverage under the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP). Under the Advance Payments Program, producers can receive up to $400,000 in advances with the interest on the first $100,000 paid by the government. Advances can be obtained on calves, feeders, […] Read more