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Crop insurance rates down in 2016

Malt barley insurable for the first time and organic production is also eligible for coverage this year

Agriculture Financial Services Corporation has made six enhancements to the AgriInsurance programs, including a first of its kind malt barley insurance product. The corporation, provincial and federal governments, and producer groups worked together to make the enhancements based on producer feedback. The malt barley insurance will have a premium price compared to feed barley, but […] Read more

Pasturing cattle on insured hayfields

This spring has experienced low precipitation rates and windy conditions in many parts of the province that may be contributing to poor forage growth. Some Agriculture Financial Services Corporation clients may wish to pasture insured hayfields prior to haying being general in the area. Clients wishing to pasture their insured hay acres prior to haying being […] Read more

Insurance available for a drop in fall calf prices

Producers can insure a minimum price for calves through AFSC’s Cattle Price Insurance Program (CPIP)

With calving season well underway, Alberta cattle producers are hoping that high calf prices fuelled by tight cattle supplies over the last two years will continue this fall when most calves are weaned and sold. But there are several “unknowns and question marks” on the horizon that have many producers across the province feeling nervous […] Read more

AFSC reviews AgriStability changes for 2013

We remind farmers that all it takes is one catastrophic event — such as a livestock disease like BSE or a sudden economic downturn — and the profitability many are now enjoying can turn on a dime,” says Vicki Chapman, with Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC). AFSC field analysts have been holding AgriStability information sessions. […] Read more

Shrinking cow herd fuels high prices — and risk

CPIP The floor prices being offered have 
also climbed to record highs, reaching 
more than $900 on a 600-pound calf

While calving season is underway, Alberta’s beef cow herd continues to shrink — setting the stage for a smaller calf crop and tighter cattle supplies this year that are fuelling higher cattle prices and growing interest in Alberta’s Cattle Price Insurance Program (CPIP). “Feeder cattle prices hit record levels in February and remain about 20 […] Read more