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Crop Protection ‘Blue Book’ goes mobile

Crop Protection ‘Blue Book’ goes mobile

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Blue Book has long been popular reading in the homes of Alberta farmers — and now they can read it anywhere on their smartphones. The Crop Protection book (as it is officially known) is updated annually for previously registered products and includes newly registered pesticide products — herbicides, pesticides, seed treatments, and foliar fungicides. […] Read more

Giant hogweed is similar to cow parsnip in many respects, but its size is a giveaway.

Giant hogweed is one big and scary weed

Noxious weeds: Giant hogweed can reach heights of six metres

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s not often a weed grabs the attention of both urban and rural landowners across the province, yet in 2015, giant hogweed was a weed everyone had an eye out for. As we wrap up the growing season in 2017, this prohibited noxious short-lived perennial is still on folks’ minds and is often mistaken for […] Read more