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Bales of Hay

Can you really afford not to feed test?

You’re rolling the dice if you’re not testing feed, and it’s not 
hard to rack up a five-figure loss if you guess wrong

Reading Time: 2 minutes I often hear farmers and ranchers say feed testing is expensive and I know lots of you guys don’t feed test. But feed testing and using that information to balance livestock rations is a whole lot cheaper than over- or underfeeding them. Let’s say you’re feeding your critters some pretty good-looking hay. You’re making sure […] Read more

cattle grazing on a pasture

Grazing management is your best – and cheapest – pasture input

Grazing management can produce significant pasture health 
and productivity increases without breaking the bank

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve been studying and practising grazing management for more than two decades and have always been intrigued by how it allows you to increase pasture productivity with few other inputs. At times, I’ve resorted to adding nitrogen fertilizer, spreading pig manure, harrowing, and clipping thistles. For some pastures, it seemed like the only thing to […] Read more