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Crop ratings in the south decline due to ‘droughty’ conditions

Alberta crop conditions as of July 4

Provincial crop condition ratings declined by 3 points this week to 75 per cent rated good or excellent, solely due to a significant decline in the condition ratings of crops in the South region as the droughty conditions currently affecting the US northern tier states has reached into southern Alberta. Crop condition ratings were virtually […] Read more

Seeding 91 per cent complete, harvest of over-wintered crops nears completion

Alberta crop conditions as of June 6

A week of favourable weather has advanced seeding to 91 per cent completed, up 12 percentage points for the week but well behind the five year average of 99.5 per cent. Seeding intentions are changing due to the late date as producers shift acres to barley away from spring wheat, canola and field peas. Crop […] Read more

Seeding well behind five year average, crop stages behind normal

Alberta crop conditions as of May 30

Seeding progress in the province has reached 79 per cent complete, up 22 percentage points on the week, but well behind the five-year average of 97 per cent. A weather front early in the reporting period brought strong winds and varying amounts of rain to the North West and North East regions, reaching into the […] Read more

Fertilizer Urea Prills

Don’t apply too much fertilizer

If you’re still seeding be careful not to apply too much fertilizer, says provincial crop specialist Mark Cutts. Seed-placed urea can reduce crop emergence through ammonia toxicity. Factors that impact the amount of urea that can be seed placed include seedbed utilization (calculated as the spread of seed and fertilizer divided by the row spacing), […] Read more

Seeding progress spikes in Alberta, farmers 57 per cent complete

Alberta crop conditions as of May 23

In most parts of the province, weather conditions over the last week were favourable for the harvesting of crops left over from 2016 as well as the seeding of new crops for 2017. Showers and rainfall over the last week occurred mainly in the western parts of the province. Provincially, seeding progress was up by […] Read more