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Hand over wheat field in early summer evening.

Have your say on the next Growing Forward

Online survey runs until May 8

Alberta producers have a chance to offer their ideas on what should be in the successor to the current Growing Forward 2 agreement, which expires on March 31, 2018. The online survey includes discussion about key priorities, including markets and trade; science, research and innovation; risk management; environmental sustainability and climate change; value-added agriculture and […] Read more

The new edition of the Blue Book is out

This year’s edition of the Blue Book is now available. Crop Protection 2017 has been updated to include newly registered pesticides and usage instructions. This includes new herbicide registrations for pre-seed products and a number of new fungicides, including products for use on canola, cereal crops, and potatoes. Newly registered seed treatments are available for […] Read more

Business help just a phone call away

If you’re thinking of a new farm business or expanding an existing one, there’s a new-venture specialist willing to help. “New-venture coaches do their best to help you get your business to-do list into reality, to get a new income stream planned for the farm into a sustainable business, or even just support a startup […] Read more

Do you have an emergency response plan?

Every farm should have an emergency response plan, says an Alberta Agriculture farm safety specialist. That plan needs to include “procedures, training and exercises based on individual farming and ranching needs,” said Blair Takahashi. A chain of command should also be established to minimize confusion and alternate means of communicating. Practice drills will not only […] Read more

Why every business should have a story

Workshops to be held in Stony Plain, March 16 and Airdrie, April 19

Alberta Agriculture is hosting hands-on workshops called ‘Marketing Essentials: Telling Your Story’ to give participants strategies to drive sales, develop a unique brand and build customer loyalty. “Today’s business leaders use storytelling to engage staff and connect to their customers and suppliers,” said Cindy Cuthbert, a project co-ordinator with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “Interesting stories […] Read more

The 2017 fire season has begun

The wildfire season begins March 1 and the province is warning Albertans to be extra careful to help prevent wildfires in forested areas. More than 60 per cent of the wildfires last year were caused by human activity. Last year, 1,338 wildfires burned more than 611,000 hectares, including the Horse River wildfire that spread into […] Read more

What will make you money this year?

AgriProfit$ Cropping Alternatives has been updated for 2017. The crop-budgeting tool allows producers to project costs, margins and break-even yields for potential cropping choices. The data is presented by soil zones, with a mix of cereals, oilseeds, pulses and forage crops for each zone. Crop budgets include a projection of individual itemized variable costs as […] Read more