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While speculators, like most buying or selling futures, now use electronic trading, the high emotions of the trading pit haven’t disappeared. Sometimes speculators seem to be ignoring supply-and-demand fundamentals, and other times they sell en masse.

Are speculators in futures markets a threat or a help?

Recent wild swings in soybean futures points to high volatility in markets, says analyst

The futures market offers advantages to both buyers and sellers of commodities, but what about speculators? Are they a friend or foe? Futures are “a leveraged instrument” with the deposit typically only five to 10 per cent of its value, said crop analyst Neil Blue. “That leverage is of great convenience to buyers and sellers […] Read more

Canadian canola crushers are headed for record production this year — and that will reduce canola carry-over and support prices, says provincial crop analyst Neil Blue.

The canola picture is brighter, says crop analyst

More crushing and increased exports to smaller customers are lifting some of the gloom from lost China sales

Canola carry-over is a moving target but the situation has improved considerably, says provincial crop analyst Neil Blue. “The Canada Grain Commission provides weekly updates of bulk crop deliveries, exports and domestic use,” said Blue. “The CGC numbers need to be adjusted to account for on-farm and other feeding. However, for crops like canola, little […] Read more