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Millions of Alberta acres have resistant weeds

Kochia and wild oats top a long list of resistant weeds that are now present in Alberta, says crop specialist

When it comes to herbicide resistance, producers should be looking for trouble. The ongoing spread of resistant weeds means producers should be actively scouting for it, said provincial crop specialist Harry Brook. “We now have glyphosate resistance in kochia in southern Alberta and it continues to spread,” said Brook. “These should serve as a wake-up […] Read more

‘Go local’ also applies to Christmas trees

Thinking of cutting your Christmas tree on Crown land this year? “To do this, you will need to obtain a permit from an Alberta government forestry office,” said provincial woodlot extension specialist Toso Bozic. “When cutting your own tree, you know that it’s fresh.” For information on obtaining a permit, go to the Alberta Agriculture […] Read more

Official says ‘One Seat, One Rider’ should be the rule on every farm

Machinery accidents cause the majority of fatalities among children on the farm

Daddy, can I have a ride?’ “Riding on the tractor with Dad has been a long-standing tradition for many farm families,” said Janice Donkers, youth farm safety co-ordinator with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “It’s not uncommon to hear the older generations boast about how young they were when they first began riding on or operating […] Read more

Dry conditions continue to reign in south, six per cent of crops harvested

Alberta crop conditions as of August 15

Dry conditions continued in the Southern Region and some parts of the Central Regions, with a few areas receiving a brief reprieve. A portion of the North East Region received up to 70 to 90 mm rain, while most of the Peace region had less than 5 mm of rain. Provincially, crop growing conditions did […] Read more

CropChoice$ for 2017 now online

This years’s edition of the CropChoice$ planning tool is now available. The tool uses the latest crop insurance data from AFSC and projected crop costs to evaluate a crop plan in its entirety, said provincial crops economist Rawlin Thangara. “Let’s say a producer has a crop plan for 10 fields that he wishes to evaluate. […] Read more

Installing a larger pump can be a recipe for well failure

Overpumping can lead to silt in water, plugged fixtures, biofouling, and even permanent aquifer damage

When farm and acreage owners need more water, it is not uncommon for them to get more by installing a larger pump. While this is often done in an effort to save money, overpumping a well can be a very costly mistake. “Overpumping is one of the leading causes of premature well failure,” said provincial […] Read more


Winter is a great time to make the farm more safe

Taking one or more safety courses could pay invaluable dividends next year for you, your family, and employees

Put farm safety on your agenda for the coming months, says a provincial farm safety specialist. “Winter is a great time to pull out your farm safety plan — or develop one if you haven’t already — and decide what kind of training program your family members and employees should take,” said Blair Takahashi. Some […] Read more

Province offers training to new farmers

Information session to be held Oct. 18 in Airdrie

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is hosting the Getting into Farming information session on Oct. 18 in Airdrie. “The session is aimed at those thinking about getting into a farming business and making it their primary source of income,” said new-venture specialist Kathy Bosse. “It’ll provide information about farming at a pretty high level to give a […] Read more

Salvaging hail-damaged crops

Tests recommended to ensure there is no possibility of nitrate poisoning

Storm damage to crops can result in problems with nitrate accumulations, especially if the crops were heavily fertilized or manured in the spring to optimize yield. “With volatile weather comes storm damage and, for some producers, this means salvaging crops for feed,” says Andrea Hanson, beef extension specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Airdrie. Hanson cautions […] Read more

It’s time to slip back into the office and review cash flow

It’s a long time until harvest revenue flows, so you need to manage your cash wisely over the summer

Now that cattle are being put out to pasture and old-crop inventory is known, it’s important to review your cash flow projections and your marketing plans, says a provincial farm financial specialist. “Cash flow projections are critical, especially in the summer months,” said Rick Dehod. “There isn’t much revenue coming in until harvest, but the […] Read more