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Nominate a great steward for environmental award

Deadline for nominations is July 15

Alberta Beef Producers is seeking nominations for the 2018 Environmental Stewardship Award. The award recognizes cattle producers whose stewardship practices contribute to the environment, and enhance productivity and profitability. Applicants are invited to share the unique environmental practices employed on their operation and to present the positive story about cattle producers’ contribution to the environment. […] Read more

Rigorous testing protocols ensure cattle released from quarantine are safe to buy and be placed in other herds.

Cattle released from quarantine have a clean bill of health

‘Early’ release animals may be sold, commingled, and moved — and carry no higher risk than any other cattle

As the Canadian Food inspection Agency (CFIA) investigation into bovine tuberculosis progresses, so too does the status of the cattle involved. The majority of cattle operations identified as contact herds have completed the required testing and been released from quarantine without any restrictions. CFIA grants a full release from quarantine once the cattle have been […] Read more