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Alberta is the largest producer of alfalfa seed, but growers’ overseas customers have a 
zero-GM tolerance policy.

GM alfalfa may already be in Alberta

Accidental contamination of foundation seed heightens fears that forage 
and hay markets worth hundreds of millions are in peril

Genetically modified alfalfa has somehow made its way into Alberta — raising fears that western Canadian forage seed growers and hay exporters could be shut out of markets worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Alberta Farmer recently learned that a batch of foundation seed contaminated with Roundup Ready alfalfa was sent to a forage seed […] Read more

A Chinese ship being loaded with Brazilian soybeans last year captures three big factors affecting grain markets — China’s buying power, rock-bottom freight rates, and a hugely devaluated Brazilian currency. But that’s just the start of a long list.

Hang on, market turbulence ahead

FarmTech: Currency wars, actual wars, China, ocean freight, Russia, and oil are 
just a few of the things roiling grain markets these days

Tough times are here to stay. This was the message that Errol Anderson delivered to a silent, sombre room during a session at FarmTech. “There is no sense kidding ourselves about what is going on,” said Anderson, a market analyst and president of ProMarket Communications. “What we’re going through right now is a correction. There’s […] Read more

As storm clouds gather, farmers urged to batten down the hatches

Experts say current grain prices are normal, knowing your cost of production critical, and hope is not a marketing strategy

It was standing room only at every FarmTech market outlook session, and the faces told the tale: anxious-looking producers leaning forward, hanging on every word, searching for rays of hope as the storm clouds roll in. But the message was blunt — there will be no quick bounce-back from the steep fall in grain and […] Read more