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Global warming, trade helps crop pests spread

Reuters / Crop-damaging pests are moving towards the Poles at a rate of more than 25 km (16 miles) a decade, aided by global warming and human transport, posing a potential threat to world food security, a new study shows. The spread of beetles, moths, bacteria, worms, fungi and other pests in a warming world […] Read more

Global warming linked to more floods along key rivers

Reuters / Climate change is likely to worsen floods on rivers such as the Ganges, the Nile and the Amazon this century while a few, including the now-inundated Danube, may become less prone, a Japanese-led scientific study said June 9. The findings will go some way to help countries prepare for deluges that have killed […] Read more

Decline in biodiversity of farmed plants, animals gathering pace

A decline in the diversity of farmed plants and livestock breeds is gathering pace, threatening future food supplies for the world’s growing population, the head of a new United Nations panel on biodiversity said Monday. Preserving neglected animal breeds and plants was necessary as they could have genes resistant to future diseases or to shifts […] Read more

World seed banks get funds to tackle climate, other threats

Scientists have agreed on a $109-million plan to strengthen the world’s biggest seed banks of crops such as rice and wheat to help protect and develop new varieties resistant to climate change and other threats. The Global Crop Diversity Trust and the CGIAR Consortium of agricultural researchers said on Jan. 31 that a five-year plan […] Read more

Climate change brings far-reaching changes in northern climes

clues Researchers study 10,000-year-old spruce in hopes of finding ways to deal with a warming planet

Reuters / On a windswept Swedish mountain, a 10,000-year-old spruce with a claim to be the world’s oldest tree is getting a new lease on life thanks to global warming, even as many plants are struggling. Scientists are finding the drift of growing areas for many plants out toward the poles is moving not in […] Read more

Africa can easily grow wheat, says new study

Reuters / Wheat production in sub-Saharan Africa is at only 10 to 25 per cent of its potential and nations can easily grow more to limit hunger, price shocks and political instability, says a new study. The report, examining environmental conditions of 12 nations from Ethiopia to Zimbabwe, said that farmers south of the Sahara […] Read more

Wheat scientists seek to slow Ug99 in Africa, Asia

Wheat experts are stepping up monitoring of a crop disease first found in Africa in 1999 to minimise the spread of a deadly fungus that is also a threat in Asia, experts said on Friday. A "Rust-Tracker" using data supplied by farmers and scientists could now monitor the fungus in 27 developing nations across 103 […] Read more