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Four ways to manage lodging in wheat

When it comes to lodging in spring wheat, there aren’t a lot of current resources or guidelines available to western Canadian producers, but researchers are hoping to provide some good recommendations over the next couple of years.A lot of the research into wheat lodging to date has been done in the United Kingdom, where lodging[...]
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Clubroot galls are the sure sign the disease is present, but dead patches in the field should also be easy to spot at swathing time. 

Wind seems to be the clubroot culprit in Manitoba

Researcher urges producers to watch for early infestations and get on them quickly

It looks like clubroot is moving a bit differently on the east side of the Prairies. In Alberta, clubroot is showing up a lot at field entrances (in 90 per cent of the infected fields, according to one study), which suggests equipment is the main culprit in its spread. It’s a similar pattern in Saskatchewan[...]
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Six factors to consider if your soil moisture level is low

To date, all indications are pointing to a dry spring, given the below-average precipitation received in many areas of the Prairies this winter. There are exceptions to every rule of course, but a lot of farmers had relatively dry soils going into winter, so we asked some agronomists and provincial crop experts what factors could[...]
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Eight steps for your HR strategy

The labour gap in Canadian agriculture continues to widen and is expected to double by 2025. That’s prompting more farm businesses to focus on recruiting and retaining employees. At the same time, with employment standards constantly changing, and with considerations such as health and safety and workers compensation to think about, some farms are beginning[...]
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Five questions to ask your accountant

It’s tax time again and there are a number of new or imminent personal and corporate income tax changes which could have implications for farm families on their 2016 tax return, or need to be discussed with the accountant to plan for this year. When the federal government announced tax changes in its 2016 budget last March it[...]
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Seven deadly sins of grain marketing

Brian Voth has been telling producers about the “seven deadly sins of grain marketing” for several years, and although the catchy title gets them through the door to listen to him, the advice they go away with is invaluable. “What I talk about is, essentially, how to make marketing plans by doing it in reverse,[...]
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7 steps to better business

We all think of pinstriped suits and ivory towers when we hear the word “boardroom.” But with more family-owned farms getting more complex, maybe there’s something here we can borrow from the corporate world’s playbook to do better business on the farm. “There are a lot of board governance practices, and even just corporate practices[...]
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Four steps to a fair land rental agreement

As land values increase, so do land rental rates, but commodity prices don’t always follow the same trajectory, although input costs might. So how do you come to an arrangement to rent land that is fair and profitable for both parties, because that’s the number one consideration if both want a stable, long-term deal. “Communication[...]
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Five tips for a successful oat crop

Oats is a small-acre crop that has tended to fall behind in terms of agronomy research. That’s changing as more oat varieties become available and new niche markets continue to develop and offer premiums to growers meeting their specifications. For anyone trying oats for the first time, or considering adding oats to their rotation, soak[...]
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