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U.S. senators urge probe of report that oil companies blocked ethanol

Washington | Reuters — Two U.S. farm-state senators on Wednesday urged federal regulators to investigate allegations raised by a biofuel trade group that the oil industry uses “strong-arm tactics” to prevent widespread use of higher blends of ethanol in gasoline. A report from the Renewable Fuels Association this week said major oil companies have discouraged […] Read more

U.S. Democrats optimistic EPA to reverse course on biofuel cuts

Washington | Reuters — U.S. senators backing the federal biofuel mandate said Wednesday they believe the Obama administration will likely raise proposed targets for 2014 biofuel use when it issues its final rule next month, after protests from renewable fuel producers that planned cuts would devastate the industry. Representing states with strong agricultural interests, the […] Read more

Congress eyes change to U.S. biofuels mandate

Change may be looming for the U.S. biofuel mandate as a powerful Congressional panel sets its sights on the program and pressure mounts for the Obama administration to relieve fuel market problems created by rising renewable fuel targets. Requiring increasing amounts of biofuels to be blended into the nation’s gasoline and diesel supplies, the renewable […] Read more