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The evidence is as clear as pumped water — more palatable water makes a big difference for cows and their calves.

They’ll drink to that — clean water boosts weight gain

Providing pumped water can boost weaning weights by 18 pounds and reduce health issues

Giving cattle access to clean water can improve herd health and increase weight gain and backfat. A 2005 study reported that calves whose dams drank from water troughs gained on average 0.09 pound per day more than those with access to a dugout. Because water and forage intake are closely related, as cows drink more […] Read more

Assessing beef production solely on the amount of water used to produce a pound of beef paints a false picture, says Beef Cattle Research Council.

The environmental argument for cattle

Critics who slam the sector over water use and greenhouse gases only give half the story, says Beef Cattle Research Council

Editor’s note: A recent blog from the Beef Cattle Research Council offers its rebuttal to “vilifying headlines and simple, partial arguments” that criticize the beef industry for its water use and environmental impact. The following is a condensed version of the blog, which can be found at the Beef Cattle Research Council website. Make no […] Read more

Proper use of parasite control products is more important than ever as concerns about drug resistance mounts.

Five tips for managing parasites in your herd

Using the right dosage of the right product at the right time are three of those five key practices

Resistance is something we currently hear a lot about in agriculture, including the issue of parasite resistance in beef cattle. This raises questions about parasite management decisions. How can livestock operators effectively manage internal parasites in their herds? What can they do to reduce the risk of parasite resistance? Parasites are a normal part of […] Read more

There are additional costs to using AI, but having larger, more uniform groups of calves and a longer lifespan for cows can greatly improve 
the bottom line.

Is artificial insemination better than natural service?

Artificial insemination can put more money in your pockets, but there are several factors to consider

This article has been edited and condensed. For the full article, including price and financial details as well as additional resources, go to the blog on the Beef Cattle Research Council website). As the breeding season approaches, some producers will use artificial insemination (AI) and estrous synchronization in their breeding herd. But others won’t because […] Read more