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2013 was an up-and-down year for Canada’s pork industry

Lower feed prices and a weaker Canadian dollar were positive factors for the industry

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was an up-and-down year for Canada’s pork industry in 2013, as producers were struggling to break even in the first half of the year before posting a strong second half heading into 2014. “I think most producers in December 2012 were looking ahead at 2013 and thinking that it was going to be a […] Read more

Lethbridge barley rallies by $10 since mid-January

CNS Canada — The Lethbridge barley market has appeared to have bottomed out in January, as prices have rallied by $10 per tonne in the past few weeks. “The barley market through the last two weeks has ticked up a little bit,” said Jim Beusekom, grain broker at MarketPlace Commodities in Lethbridge, Alta. “Lethbridge is […] Read more

PEDv not yet affecting packers, but futures get boost

CNS Canada –– While Canada’s pork industry tries to prevent the spread of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) after its recent arrival in Ontario, the discovery hasn’t led to any major near-term changes at slaughterhouses, yet. “I don’t think anything is going to happen in the short-term, meaning that pigs go to the same […] Read more

Large Prairie stocks expected in StatsCan report

CNS Canada — With Statistics Canada scheduled to release its stocks report as of Dec. 31 on Tuesday (Feb. 4), most analysts believe the combination of record-large production in Western Canada, and logistical issues transporting that grain, will lead to a very large carryover number for most crops. “Carryout will likely continue to see record […] Read more

Prairie flax acreage could rise 20 per cent this year

CNS Canada –– The positive sentiment toward planting flax seems to be growing across the Prairies, according to the president of the Flax Council of Canada, who adds there’s likely to be a big acreage increase this year. “From what I heard at CropSphere in Saskatoon, it sounds like people are thinking that pricing of […] Read more

New-crop mustard contracts extremely varied

CNS Canada — With January nearing an end, Canadian new-crop contracts are slowly starting to hit the market — and Walter Dyck, mustard buyer with Wisconsin-based Olds Products, said contracted mustard prices have varied greatly in value. Prairie Ag Hotwire’s Friday report has delivered-to-elevator 2014-15 bids for yellow mustard pegged at 32 to 34 cents […] Read more

Competition in Lethbridge’s feed market drives prices lower

Competition for Lethbridge’s marketplace is heating up, as feed wheat and barley are nearly priced identically, leading to further declines in both markets. “It seems like they are both trading in the mid-C$150 (per tonne) range,” said Allen Pirness, senior trader at MarketPlace Commodities in Lethbridge. According to the Alberta Canola Producers Commission, feed barley […] Read more

Canaryseed acreage could increase in 2014

Western Canadian canaryseed prices continue to slowly trend lower to start the New Year, but new-crop contracts, if priced in the current spot price range, may spur an acreage increase in 2014. Canada’s 2013/14 canaryseed acreage was the lowest in recorded history, according to Statistics Canada, who pegged area at 200,000 acres. The previous low […] Read more