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Checkoff Agreement Was Done For The Benefit Of The Cattle Industry – for Oct. 11, 2010

Reading Time: 2 minutes ceo, alberta cattle feeders association Re: Will Verboven’s editorial September 16. Verboven is stuck in the past and continues to foster the idea that a carte blanche return to a mandatory checkoff will cure all the problems in the industry. This back-to-the-future mentality would not bring any fresh thinking or alternative approaches to how we […] Read more

The Fundamental Challenge For The Canadian Beef Industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes “If this situation does not improve soon, our industry will shrink and become a shadow of what it once was or what it could be” The Beef Industry Alliance (BIA) Roundtable has come together to ask one simple question: Can we as a beef industry in Western Canada do better? Clearly the answer to this […] Read more