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Canada Beef launches two new promotions

Canada Beef has launched two consumer campaigns that aim to counter some of the negative narratives about beef with a renewed emphasis on the positives of this nourish- ing and sustainable Canadian food classic. The two campaigns — called The One & Only Beef, and My Canadian Beef Story — aim to dispel some of […] Read more

Meijer steps down as president of Canada Beef

Rob Meijer had resigned as president of Canada Beef to spend more time with his family, the organization has announced. Meijer joined the revamped agency five years ago and was credited for having achieved “many milestones” by Linda Allison, chair of the Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency. In a statement, Meijer […] Read more

Beef conference coming in August

Canadian Beef Industry Conference comes to Calgary, Aug. 9

The annual forum of the Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency will be held Aug. 9 as part of the inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference in Calgary. The forum will include reports from agency officials and committee chairs as well as from the Beef Cattle Research Council and Canada Beef. The research […] Read more

Want to tell your Canadian beef story?

Canada Beef is looking for beef producers to join our network of tour stops for guests visiting the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence. The centre has an increasing number of domestic and international visitors who are involved in the beef industry. As part of its outreach, the centre offers visitors a chance to experience the […] Read more

Canada Beef’s annual report available

Canada Beef’s annual report is now available. The agency — whose formal name is the Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency — collected nearly $7.7 million in checkoffs in the 2014-15 fiscal year, along with nearly $7 million in other funds, including $912,000 in import levies. In addition to market development, it […] Read more

Beef branding down in Mexico

Top chefs and the business community attend two-day event

Canada Beef launched its first brand series in Mexico City earlier this month. The agency hosted some of the country’s top chefs, as well as the business community, at the two-day event. “Mexico is an innovative culinary leader in beef and at the forefront of new and interesting flavours,” said Jorge Mendez, Canada Beef’s director […] Read more

Cut the booze before the beef: Health study

Health message Canada Beef Inc. says it should be to eat more fruit and vegetables, not less beef

At the end of December 2012, an important health study was released and created a fair bit of buzz in nutrition circles. The study, “The Global Burden of Disease Study (2010),” published in the medical journal Lancet, was an examination of a variety of factors with the goal of estimating each one’s relative contribution to […] Read more