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Is this the glyphosate-resistant kochia you've been dreading?

Watch for herbicide-resistant weeds

There are 21 resistant weeds on the Prairies and 38 million acres have at least one of them

The first few weeks of the growing season is a great time to police fields for suspicious weeds. Look for weeds that survived pre-seed burn-off or post-emergent sprays while others of the same species have died. These few weeds could be resistant, and it would be good to nab them early. “It takes 14 to […] Read more

Canola council offers tips for better establishment

New video offers tips for seeding rate and depth, and other factors which produce an optimum stand

The Canola Council of Canada has a new video that describes key stand establishment steps using animated video and a question-and-answer format with growers. The video describes how uniform stands of seven to 10 plants per square foot act as insurance, preserving yield potential in the face of early-season threats from frost, insects and seedling […] Read more

Canola council launches new online database

The Canola Council of Canada says the database offers ‘top science for your bottom line’

The Canola Council of Canada has launched an online database, called the Canola Research Hub, to provide growers with the latest research findings to increase both productivity and profitability. “This is a first-of-its-kind technology transfer tool,” said Curtis Rempel, the council’s vice-president of crop production and innovation. “It will allow growers to access canola research […] Read more

The straight goods on canola variety performance

Interactive database allows searches ranging from yield and maturity to lodging and height

Results are in for the 2014 Canola Performance Trials (CPT). Data from the science-based, third-party variety evaluations have been uploaded to the online comparison tool on the CPT website. A summary booklet is also available for download. The online tool includes interactive maps and the ability to refine searches by season zone, herbicide tolerance type, […] Read more

Eleven Tips For Fertilizing Canola

Canola fertility needs have never been higher. And with current field conditions, soil fertility levels have never been so uncertain. The following tips will help growers find solutions to meet the nutritional demands of their high yielding genetics. Canola growers last year could be divided into three camps: Wet fields, dry fields or high yields. […] Read more

Hit weeds hardest in post-harvest window: CCC

Post-harvest spraying is a great opportunity to control perennial weeds and winter annuals. Effective control this fall, while the weather co-operates on much of the Prairies, will prevent these weeds from robbing fields of moisture and nutrients early next spring, according to the Canola Council of Canada. “With high input costs, making sure nutrients are […] Read more

Store high-oil canola cool, dry: CCC

While it’s always important to condition harvested canola crops down to storage-safe temperature and moisture levels in the fall, it’s even more critical in years such as this when the crop’s oil content is expected to be quite high, according to the Canola Council of Canada. “We have all heard that oil and water don’t […] Read more