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Got combine problems? Get the app

The Canola Council of Canada has a new smartphone tool for dealing with issues when combining. The combine optimization tool offers a step-by-step process to zero in on the issue (such as grain loss or grain sample quality) and then offers the adjustment options most likely to correct the issue. “In combine adjustments for all […] Read more

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Get the latest performance data on canola varieties

The results from the 2017 variety performance trials are now available on an online, searchable database

Canola Performance Trials results for 2017 are now available in an online searchable database at the Canola Performance Trials website. Canola growers can use this online tool to finalize seed decisions for the coming growing season. The performance trials compare leading canola varieties in small-plot and field-scale trials. Results can be filtered by province, season […] Read more

Handy calculators for canola seeding

The Canola Council of Canada has two new smartphone-friendly calculators — one for seeding rate and another for a target plant stand. The target plant stand calculator has several criteria that you select for your farm: Uniformity of the stand you expect on your farm, early-season frost risk, expected weed and pest situation, and length […] Read more

Management Tips For Unseeded Acres

Canola growers with excessive moisture in 2010 face many unknowns and issues for 2011. The following tips will help growers prepare these fields for 2011: Get a soil analysis. Nutrient reserves will be difficult to predict, especially in low areas flooded for long periods. Lack of oxygen limits microbial breakdown of organic matter. Therefore nutrients […] Read more

Spring Canola Storage: It’s All In The Numbers

Two numbers should be on the minds of producers with canola in their bins – 8 and 15. “For long-term storage canola needs to be kept below eight per cent moisture and 15C,” says Canola Council of Canada agronomist Matthew Stanford. “As oil content goes up, the potential for storage issues increases, so with the […] Read more

Don’t Risk Export Access With De-Registered Varieties

Growers must keep de-registered canola varieties out of fields this spring, says Arvel Lawson, Program Manager for Crop Production with the Canola Council of Canada (CCC). “Canada’s bulk handling system for canola means that all growers play a role in keeping canola export ready,” says Lawson. “Each and every load of canola delivered to the […] Read more