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Solar Dimming Can Trigger Freezing Winters

Reading Time: 2 minutes A cyclical drop in the sun s radiation can trigger unusually cold winters in parts of North America and Europe, scientists say, a finding that could improve long-range forecasts and help countries prepare for blizzards. Scientists have known for a long time that the sun has an 11-year cycle during which radiation measured by sunspots […] Read more

Kill A Camel, Save The Planet

Reading Time: 2 minutes Killing camels to earn carbon credits might seem an extreme way to fight climate change, but the Australian government issued detailed rules June 2 that will help investors do just that. Adelaide-based Northwest Carbon, a carbon project developer, has developed the rules, or methodology, governing a strict camel-culling program that would also cut greenhouse gas […] Read more

Crop Gene Sharing Ever More Urgent: FAO

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nations need to speed up the sharing of genetic material from crops if the world is to have any chance of feeding itself in a future with more extreme droughts, floods and storms, a senior UN official said. Scientists say new varieties of wheat, rice, corn and other staples will be needed to cope with […] Read more

Australian Disasters Call For Stronger Climate Policies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Australia has endured two of its deadliest summers on record, blamed in part on global warming, but record fires, floods and cyclones have not persuaded it to take strong action on climate change. But some experts hope that the arrival of giant Cyclone Yasi on the coast of Queensland, already hit by massive floods last […] Read more

Climate Scientists Defend Data

Reading Time: 2 minutes The pace of global warming continues unabated, scientists said Feb. 25 despite images of Europe crippled by a deep freeze and parts of the United States blasted by blizzards. The bitter cold, with more intense winter weather forecast for March in parts of the United States, have led some to question if global warming has […] Read more

Crops Face Toxic Time Bomb In Warmer World — Study

Reading Time: 2 minutes Staples such as cassava on which millions of people depend become more toxic and produce much smaller yields in a world with higher carbon dioxide levels and more drought, Australian scientists say. The findings, presented June 29 at a conference in Glasgow, Scotland, underscored the need to develop climate-change-resistant cultivars to feed rapidly growing human […] Read more