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U.S. puts Russia on notice in WTO compliance report

The United States, in the first report on Russia’s compliance with its World Trade Organization commitments, said on Wednesday it was closely watching Moscow for any violations that thwart U.S. exports to the world’s sixth-largest economy. But in the report required by Congress, the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office did not announce any definite plans for […] Read more

World food prices jumped 10 per cent in July

World food prices jumped 10 per cent in July as drought parched crop lands in the United States and Eastern Europe, the World Bank said in a statement urging governments to shore up programs that protect their most vulnerable populations. From June to July, corn and wheat prices rose by 25 per cent each, soybean […] Read more

Pork export rivals grumble over Canada in TPP talks

Pork producers in the United States, Australia and New Zealand urged their governments on Tuesday to push for an end to Canadian pork subsidies as Canada enters into talks on an Asia-Pacific free trade agreement. "Canada needs to end its federal and provincial hog subsidy programs, which are distorting the North American and world pork […] Read more

“Grave Risk” World Trade Talks To Fail — WTO’s Lamy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nearly a decade worth of work to reach a world trade deal is on the verge of “failure,” World Trade Organization director general Pascal Lamy said April 16 in a plea for countries to rise above their own narrow interests for the good of the global economy. “The WTO system is in grave risk of […] Read more

No Doha Deal Is Better Than Bad One — U.S. Nominees

Reading Time: 2 minutes The United States will not agree to a deal in world trade talks unless other countries make better offers to open their markets to U.S. farmers, manufacturers and service companies, say two U.S. trade nominees. “I believe a good deal is doable. But we will not do a deal at any cost,” Michael Punke, President […] Read more