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Market Insight: Mustard stocks seen tight

Statistics Canada reported new crop mustard acres at 490,000, only 55,000 acres above last year and well below what the market requires for the coming year. Carry-in stocks are at pipeline levels; a situation likely to repeat itself this year given the inadequate acreage growth. The market will need above average yields to keep prices […] Read more

Market Insight: Flax at historic highs

Commercial, conventionally-grown flax has climbed to $20 per bushel in value this week, net to farmers in various parts of the eastern Prairie growing region. Elevators’ posted bids have been below this, but some have hit $20/bu. targets, and a few other types of buyers including local processors and brokers have been paying this lately […] Read more

Market Insight: Dry bean stocks, acres down

Dry edible bean supplies have been falling in Canada in recent years, and are poised to drop again by the end of 2008-09 to historically very tight levels. FarmLink is forecasting ending stocks to come in at just 9,000 tonnes, compared to 20,000 tonnes in 2007-08 and the five-year average of 32,000 tonnes. Further threatening […] Read more

Market Insight: Lentil supply/demand bullish

Lentil prices remain at very high levels. Export demand is beyond what the Canadian market can supply in 2007-08, and the seeded area has fallen well short of what prices would ordinarily have bought from Canada in 2008-09 due to projected high returns to farmers for virtually all crops. Markets continue to try and ration […] Read more

Market Insight: Barley upside may be limited

If markets were only about supply, the barley market would have the potential to be very strong this coming year. Ending stocks at the end of the 2007-08 marketing year are expected to be at record-low levels as the strongest exports in over 10 years helped offset sagging domestic demand. And despite the tight supplies, […] Read more

Market Insight: U.S. weather sparks rallies

U.S. futures markets in recent days have rallied sharply in response to increasingly irreversible damage to 2008 yield potential as a result of ongoing heavy rains. Last Thursday, reports of an additional 10-12 inches in the key growing region of Iowa sparked two big up-days in the market, followed today by news of ongoing heavy […] Read more

Market Insight: Oats steady

Over the past few weeks, oat cash prices have been basically flat in Western Canada with the market well-balanced in terms of bullish and bearish factors, keeping prices between about $3.50-$4/bu. Futures have been trading sideways as well, although the two don’t always track each other that closely. There is 50 cents/bu. variability between different […] Read more

Market Insight: Canola stuck in narrow range

Canola prices continue to be stuck in the same narrow trading range that has held since April. The July futures contract is showing strong support near $590 per tonne, but can’t muster up enough momentum to stay above $630 per tonne. The bearish influences of lagging export sales and relatively large commercial stocks for this […] Read more