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Oil price plunge will affect Alberta agriculture and the beef sector

The loonie has followed oil prices down and this will impact 
everything from feeder prices to packing plant utilization

Reading Time: 3 minutes The price of crude oil has fallen a long way since hitting $110 in July 2013 — and the debate on how long this drop will last, and what it will do to the economy, will continue for some time to come. The plunge in oil prices will create winners and losers — the question […] Read more

After beef’s biggest recall: Is the cattle industry “headed south?”

Turmoil The reopening of the XL beef plant at Brooks is not the end of troubles for the Canadian beef industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes The past two months have seen considerable turmoil in Alberta’s beef sector because of the XL beef recall. Although there has been some relief with the JBS takeover there could still be a long way to go. Canada’s beef sector has been influenced by a number of factors: Grass. Western Canada’s cow-calf sector grew because […] Read more

AgriRecovery Support Needed For Livestock Industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes The ABP, on behalf of the 25,000 cow-calf producers in Alberta, believes the drought and poor weather conditions during 2009 should become part of the AgriRecovery initiative. Alberta’s beef cow-calf sector was faced with a considerable level of difficulty during the summer and fall of 2009. Relatively low moisture levels and cool weather conditions compared […] Read more