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New accounting standards for farms proposed

Canada’s accounting standards organization wants to 
make farm accounting simpler and more predictable

Canada’s professional standards body for accountants is developing new accounting standards for Canadian farms. A standardized approach will make understanding farm accounts simpler and business more straightforward, the Financial Reporting & Assurance Standards Canada says. Currently there’s a hodgepodge of ways to do farm accounts, mainly due to the unique nature of these businesses, said […] Read more

Clubroot control strategies

The dos and dont's of clubroot

By now it’s clear. Some control strategies work. Others, says agronomist Dan Orchard, just don’t. Pulling plants from dead patches at the end of the season and looking for the disease certainly worked. But it would have worked even better if the recommendation, right from the start, had been to pull plants and check the […] Read more

Clubroot not just another disease

The response to clubroot has been uneven and often ineffective, 
but we need to learn from what’s worked to prevent a crisis situation

What surprised me most while researching the origins and spread of clubroot was just how devastating this disease is. Before travelling through the most affected areas and interviewing those at ground zero, I thought of clubroot as just another crop disease. It’s not. But unfortunately, many canola growers still don’t fully realize the threat they […] Read more

Scale of food challenge the question

The world shouldn’t expect another Green Revolution in its bid to feed nine billion by 2050, says a leading expert on agricultural productivity. In fact, despite advances in genetics and crop protection products, the rate of increased productivity appears to have slowed dramatically in recent years, University of California agricultural economist Alex McCalla told the […] Read more

It’s not the heat — it’s the photoperiod

Narrow adaptivity Soybeans are particularly sensitive to day length, says an AAFC soy breeder

You can breed soybeans to grow just about anywhere, but whether you’d want to is another question, says an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada soybean breeder. Elroy Cober told the recent Manitoba Special Crops Symposium that it’s widely expected that Manitoba will take the No. 2 slot behind Ontario in the coming season. “The short-season areas […] Read more

Farm prosperity will depend on income, not population

Recession Developed countries still need to be pulled out of economic slump, says FCC economist

Farm Credit Canada’s top economist says if you’re a Canadian farmer, you should really be hoping for the best in the Chinese economy. That’s because while population growth catches all the headlines and is credited for growing food demand, it’s looking increasingly like we’ll be able to feed nine billion by 2050. The question is […] Read more

Former British GM foe now preaches pro-GM gospel

Reversal The British environmentalist told potato growers he was 
wrong to oppose GM crops in the face of growing global food needs

When Mark Lynas took the stage here Jan. 23 as keynote speaker at the 2013 edition of Manitoba Potato Production Days, he knew he was likely a strange and exotic creature to his audience. The British environmentalist and author has been involved in the environmental movement since the mid-1990s and for many years he was […] Read more

Silence isn’t golden if you want the family farm to prosper

NAVIGATE Farm family coach and succession planner Elaine Froese says 
families need to get better at navigating their personal relationships and emotions — 
because their farm business depends on it

Farmers — particularly the male version — have a reputation for keeping their feelings hidden. But anyone who thinks emotions don’t affect business decisions on the farm is just fooling themselves. Just take a look at what’s in the yard, farm family coach and succession planner Elaine Froese said at the recent Manitoba Special Crops […] Read more

Shifting sands

The symptoms of late blight don’t vary much from strain to strain, but recent evidence suggests that these strains are changing more quickly than ever before, setting growers up for an even bigger control challenge. Rick Peters, a Charlottetown, P.E.I.-based research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), told growers at this winter’s Manitoba Potato […] Read more

Fighting the “potatoes are fattening” image

There’s no denying the impact of the image. A morbidly obese woman struggles up a short flight of stairs, while in the forefront of the advertisement are three servings of french fries, growing from modest to mammoth. “Portion sizes have grown, and so has obesity, which leads to many health problems,” reads the headline of […] Read more