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CPIP: Protecting The Downside For Feeders

Reading Time: 3 minutes q&a CPIP strategy Answering the following questions could reveal how you deal with uncertainty in the fed cattle market and how CP IP can fit with your cattle-feeding strategies. A re you so emotionally attached to an action that you do not realize it requires near perfect conditions for success? _____Yes _____No When you implement […] Read more

Improving Your Score In The Feeder Cattle Olympics

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farmsense Marketing edmonton The art of successfully marketing feeder cattle is a competition to meet the buyer’s requirements for the right product, at the right time at the right place. The advantage goes to those sellers who know these requirements in advance and can produce to meet these specific attributes. Cattle that are offside with […] Read more

An Initial Look At The Cattle Price Insurance Program

Reading Time: 4 minutes Once the program is available, even if unused, the government is off the hook. Aversion to risk is not a characteristic many would confer on the feedlot business here in Alberta. Consider how many cattle feeders “buy cattle on the come in the market.” In other words, market price needs to go up in order […] Read more