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Deere posts higher-than-expected profit, trims forecast

Reuters — Deere and Co. on Wednesday reported a stronger-than-expected quarterly profit but trimmed its outlook for full-year sales of farm equipment, citing deteriorating conditions in South America and the former Soviet Union. Sales of the company’s green-and-yellow tractors and harvesters fell a worse-than-expected 12 per cent during the second quarter ended on April 30, […] Read more

Deere profit jumps; concerns over farm-belt spending

Deere and Co. reported higher-than-expected quarterly profit on Wednesday on strong sales of its tractors and harvesters in the Americas. But concerns that farm-belt spending and commodity prices were poised to weaken sent shares lower. Earlier this year, Deere, the world’s largest maker of agricultural equipment, lowered its outlook for fiscal 2013 revenue, saying a […] Read more

McDonald’s suppliers to phase out sow stalls

Reading Time: 2 minutes McDonald’s Corp. said Feb. 13 it will work with its U.S. pork suppliers to phase out the use of gestation crates, the cramped stalls that millions of mother sows are confined to while they raise piglets. The fast-food chain said the metal crates were “not a sustainable production system for the future.” It said it […] Read more

Marijuana Called Pot, Grass, Weed — Now Investment

Reading Time: 2 minutes It has been called a lot of things over the years: grass, pot, Mary Jane, wacky weed. Now, researchers are suggesting a new moniker for marijuana: alternative investment. A new report on the U.S. medical marijuana market estimates the unconventional business already generates $1.7 billion in economic activity a year. But the market could grow […] Read more