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EU farm chief stokes up pressure in GMO debate

Europe’s farm chief waded into the EU’s long-stalled debate on biotech foods on Septe. 7, raising pressure to secure adequate animal feed supply in the face of a zero-tolerance policy on unapproved biotech material in imports. Around eight EU countries backed views expressed by EU Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel that biotech approval procedures should […] Read more

EU Climate Adaptation Requires Maor Change

Europe’s farmers must think how to adapt to climate change in coming decades, altering their practices to cut greenhouse gas emissions, make agriculture more resilient and keep land in use, a European Commission paper said. The uneven effects of climatic change were likely to widen regional differences across the European Union’s farmland and increase economic […] Read more

Economist Says World Vulnerable To More Price Spikes

Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman is calling for better co-ordinated aid to cope with runaway food prices, warning the world was vulnerable to a repeat of the 2008 agricultural market spike. Speaking at a seminar, Krugman said the reasons for last year’s food price rise had now been masked by the economic and financial downturn, […] Read more