Making the flight zone instincts of cattle work for you

Vermilion rancher Sean McGrath says a Bud Box makes the job of processing cattle much faster

Thinking inside the box — a Bud Box, that is — can help cattle flow better when working them in a handling system. Being able to work the animals’ flight zones from outside, and having them see you, helps make them flow through the system faster, said rancher Sean McGrath. “We have a portable system […] Read more

Tips to reduce stress and up safety when handling cattle

It starts with keeping cattle calm and identifying hazards in your current handling facilities, say experts

Keep calm when handling cattle — especially if you want safe working conditions. Attitude, confidence, as well as the general mood sets the tone when handling cattle, says veterinarian Dr. Cody Creelman. “I can barely count the number of times I’ve seen situations where things are nice and calm, steady, quiet, and proper,” said Creelman. […] Read more

High-tech feed monitoring can forecast BRD

Bovine fitness trackers aren’t the only attempt to use technology to spot early signs of illness in feedlot cattle. Most efforts are focused on detecting bovine respiratory disease (BRD), the most common (and costly) illness affecting beef cattle and they’re borrowing a page from your mom’s handbook by asking, ‘Why are you poking at your […] Read more

Will the cows of tomorrow all be wearing fitness trackers?

Devices that measure activity levels can be used to tell if cattle are 
feeling poorly — but there are still some kinks to be worked out

Fitness trackers are all the rage among people these days — but they could catch on with cows, too. But the idea isn’t to start counting cow steps or to up bovine fitness levels. Rather, the goal is to use fitness monitors as a way to detect illness in beef cattle early on. Cattle producers […] Read more

Look past farming — you’re in the food business

FarmTech: Pulse leader says improving health and 
the nutrition of people who eat your food 
should be a top priority

Focus on food, not farming. Health is both a huge global issue and a deeply personal matter, and farmers should be focusing on that and nutrition, said Pulse Canada CEO Gordon Bacon. “The variety registration program covers 50 tests to have a variety registered for production — none has to do with nutrition, let alone […] Read more

Beef sector wants cattle producers to speak up

Beef Advocacy Canada says farmers are the best people to 
engage consumers because ‘no one knows the industry better’

Want to be an advocate for Canadian beef? There’s a program for that. Beef Advocacy Canada is about to launch a new training program for beef producers willing to be the faces — and voices — of the beef sector. “We are looking to empower advocates for the beef industry — people who are raising […] Read more

Agri-Trade awards showcase new and innovative technologies

Keeping spray consistent, reducing plugging in air drills, and a new field app garner Ag Innovation awards

Innovations drive the agriculture industry — and it’s at farm shows like Agri-Trade where producers get a front and centre look at what’s new and different. For the past eight years, the Red Deer show has highlighted that with its Ag Innovation awards program. This year’s winners — chosen by a panel of farmers — […] Read more

There’s lots to look at — and places to chat — at Agri-Trade

This year’s edition of the popular Red Deer exhibition is ‘all about networking’

After a year like this one, we need to talk. And there will be lots of opportunities to do just that at this year’s edition of Agri-Trade. “This year is all about networking — getting people into the show, allowing people the chance to sit, visit and get caught up with their neighbours and friends […] Read more

Native grass prairies and sunset

Carbon storage could equal cash for your grass

Alberta farmers who practise no-till cropping have been eligible to apply for carbon credits since 2002. We know that grasslands capture and store carbon, so why aren’t landowners with pasture getting paid for their contribution? That’s the focus of a University of Alberta study on the environmental benefits of things such as wildlife habitat and […] Read more

cattle grazing purple clover

Saving the environment one legume at a time

Condensed tannins reduce bloat and do a whole lot more besides

In the environmental debate, some rank cattle up there with smokestacks and auto emissions. But Canadian researchers are discovering Mother Nature has developed her own mitigation strategy for bovine burps, flatulence, and excrement — and showing that grazing cattle has major environmental benefits. In 2000, concerns over cattle and greenhouse gases prompted Allan Iwaasa of […] Read more