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Across Canada in a farmhouse: Victoria to Mile Zero

Among our many farm visits over the past week, our stop at Vantreight Farms was particularly interesting. This approximately-150-acre property (that’s a really big farm in these parts) produces a pretty vast array of goods, not least being daffodils. In fact, this farm is the single largest producer of daffodils (some fourteen varieties) in Canada […] Read more

Across Canada in a farmhouse: Delta to Victoria

The regional municipality of Delta, B.C. lies south of Richmond, at the mouth of the Fraser River. Long-time residents say this area once felt quite isolated — prior to construction of the George Massey Tunnel in 1959. These days it feels more like a very "roomy" suburb; the Vancouver skyline is pretty easy to spot […] Read more

Across Canada in a farmhouse: Revelstoke to Vancouver

Locals jokingly call it "Revelstuck." People apparently end up stranded here quite routinely — probably because it snows so bloody much, but not always for that reason. As readers already know, we too were "Revelstuck" for a bit. Make no mistake, however, it was no fault of Revelstoke, B.C.; this pretty little town that kneels […] Read more

Across Canada in a farmhouse: Banff to Revelstoke

For us, the mountains have meant some lovely sightseeing in Banff and a somewhat strenuous tractor drive up the mountain to see Lake Louise. Molly truly was awed at the scenery, particularly Lake Louise. If you’ve not seen it, it is a travel destination that I can recommend without hesitation. It truly is spectacular. And […] Read more

Farmland comes to an end for a while

John Varty and his fiancée Molly Daley are driving across Canada in an effort to speak to farmers about the issues that concern them, and to bring those concerns to urbanites. They’re doing it in an unusual fashion — towing a "farmhouse" behind a Massey Ferguson 1660 — and will post periodic reports here of […] Read more