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What lies beneath your feet is a marvel of nature

What lies beneath your feet is a marvel of nature

It’s believed native grasslands contain plants a century old, their tillers advancing 
inch by inch to create a perpetual ecosystem

Reading Time: 3 minutes The other day, the Dickinson Research Extension Center became home to an unstoppable force that is going to drill a well. In this case, an oil well. The spot selected is in the middle of a native grass pasture. Who knows the age of that native grass, but certainly the plants were there long before […] Read more

In search of late-season protein for beef cattle

By grazing annual crops, livestock producers can find some windows of increased available crude protein

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cattle need energy to survive the big picture, but that survival does not mean much if their daily nutrition is not balanced. Good supplementation programs will help meet these needs. However, as the summer slowly shifts to fall, finding adequate protein is more of a challenge. In general, as cattle graze, there is an expectation […] Read more

Survival comes before expansion in the beef cattle business

Reading Time: 3 minutes What would you say if someone told you that 40 per cent of the cow-calf producers are struggling to justify being in the beef business? After all, the cattle business is a great business and currently humming along through great times. If that is true, why is the industry not expanding? Good question and certainly […] Read more

Cow-calf survival is still about production costs

costs It’s easy to see the money coming in to a beef cow operation, but not so easy to know what’s going out

Reading Time: 3 minutes The times are good for prices, but cattle producers have a lot on their minds these days. Calving has started on many ranches, and the complicated production scenarios already are constantly churning for producers. Unfortunately, the dollars associated with many production scenarios often are in place well before adequate financial evaluations are done. The critical […] Read more

Two Angus bulls — which would you pick?

comparisons As the years pass, experienced cattle producers understand 
the need to genetically balance the cow herd

Reading Time: 3 minutes Perhaps the beef business is not unique. However, each year, when our students gather to study beef production, they are geared to determine what is right. Many think they already know. This bull or that bull, this steer or that steer, this cow or that cow. The comparisons can be numerous, but the urge is […] Read more

BeefTalk: Cattle size is different than cow size

Reading Time: 3 minutes This discussion starts with a very popular topic, which is cattle size. One could say cow, bull or calf size. However, in reality, all cattle have a relevant body size and, like all species, the variation in size is huge. Not only the absolute size, but the shape of the body mass also is very […] Read more

Cattle Operations — Is The Y In The Road Grass Or Grain?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The cattle business has many components and is divided into various enterprises that individual producers opted to participate in. The cowcalf segment always has been the starting point, with subsequent divisions or new enterprises branching off the cow-calf business. Several enterprises, such as grass and feedlot, are well known. One could add bull and heifer […] Read more

Calving Dates Vary But Nutritional Needs Stay The Same

Reading Time: 3 minutes When discussing major changes in the beef cow operation, calving date and cow size quickly come to life. The easiest to change is calving date. Caution and considerable thought needs to be used because, once changed, an early calving date is not easy to get back. Through the years of looking at calving intervals, most […] Read more

Shipping One Bull Is One Thing, Shipping Two Is Another

Reading Time: 3 minutes Producers eventually will have to go through the cows and bulls and market those that no longer meet production criteria. If truth be told, late summer or early fall would be a good time. However, like many operations, the long to-do list of items seems to force some things to be set aside. For many […] Read more

Last Year’s Cattle Can Affect This Year’s Prices – for Oct. 25, 2010

Reading Time: 3 minutes beef specialist |ndsu extension service Fall cattle processing raises the question of just how much a producer wants or needs to do. What if two neighbours each were selling 30 steer calves and split the trucking cost? The calves were well-grown, typical northern calves that were managed simi larly through pre-and post-weaning. The calves averaged […] Read more