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Is the time right for breeding systems?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Growth and more growth has been an industry norm for some time. Like the dairy industry, individual beef cow output has increased through the years. Weaning weight has moved up and down through the years, which is more than likely due to environmental factors. However, the most recent data gathered by the North Dakota Beef […] Read more

Keep track of early calvers, and keep them in the herd

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the cattle head to the cool-season grass pastures, spring breeding plans are well underway. While most of the cows have calved, spring grass means breeding time is not far away. The other day was sunny and all the cattle felt good. Walking around the ranch, the bulls were pretty feisty and the heifers were […] Read more

Can You Afiord To Develop Replacement Heifers?

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Among the factors affecting the profitability of bred heifer programs is whether you are in the building or liquidation phase of a cattle cycle.” GREG MANTZ CENTRAL GRASSLANDS RESEARCH EXTENSION CENTER The Dickinson Research Extension Center and the North Dakota Beef Cattle Improvement Association (NDBCIA) have rejoined forces to demonstrate and document a heifer development […] Read more

Buy Your Bulls One Chapter At A Time

Reading Time: 3 minutes Perhaps the biggest mistake made at bull sales is the tendency to give in and bid on a bull that was not on one’s list. Beef specialist, ndsu Extension Service Time does not allow us to absorb everything in one setting. For example, it often is best to read one chapter at a time in […] Read more

Good Bedding Improves Calf Survival Rates

Reading Time: 3 minutes NDSU Extension Service This spring is certainly one to remember. At the Dickinson Research Extension Center, calf death loss is just more than 11 per cent, almost quadruple the typical loss of three per cent for North Dakota Beef Cattle Improvement Association members. This does not make anyone very happy. In fact, it stings harshly. […] Read more

COOL is not just a headache in Canada

Reading Time: 3 minutes Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service This fall, the term “drowning in paperwork” has taken on a new meaning. At least 11 pieces of paperwork have arrived as part of the beef industry’s response to the need to meet various legal requirements for producing beef within the U. S. Essentially, all 11 documents are the same. […] Read more