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Genetically modified crop pioneers honoured with World Food Prize

Reading Time: 4 minutes As he pulled away from the airport, our driver tells us he’s been warned to keep an eye out for the protesters that gathered the day before to picket against the recipients of this year’s World Food Prize. “And I’m thinking, like, how could anybody protest food?” said Larry, the affable pastor’s son who was […] Read more

Reports of the independents’ death were greatly exaggerated

Reading Time: 3 minutes The headlines of late have been all about consolidation, mergers and acquisitions and about the global players like Agrium and Glencore moving in on Prairie agriculture. But there’s been a quiet evolution taking place beneath the radar that has turned into a competitive force on the Prairie farm supply scene. The same day earlier this […] Read more

My beef with fabricated beef

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m a bit confused by all the saving-the-planet hullabaloo over that $330,000 hamburger manufactured in the laboratory. It was animal protein all right, fried in butter no less, not one of those concoctions of soy, brown rice, black beans or quinoa the vegetarians turn to for their burger fix. My daughter and I quite innocently […] Read more

Smallholder farmers —a powerful engine for growth

A UN organization’s approach is about making small farms commercial and 
attractive enough that young people are drawn back to the land

Reading Time: 3 minutes Researchers have discovered an environmentally sustainable instrument that could increase world food production by 30 per cent, but they’ve been having a tough time getting it commercialized. Is it a plant with a novel trait, or a new herbicide perhaps, bogged down by excessive regulations or those silly activists? Or maybe it’s a new type […] Read more

New alliance to focus wheat research in Saskatoon

The federal government has joined with the Saskatchewan government and University of Saskatchewan to form a new Canadian Wheat Alliance, dedicated to improving yields and profitability of wheat. “The Canadian Wheat Alliance will improve the quality of Canadian wheat, and enhance Canada’s competitive position in the growing world market,” said federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz […] Read more

Clubroot found in Manitoba soils

Testing has confirmed levels of clubroot capable of producing disease in two soil samples collected from Manitoba canola fields last year, provincial officials say. "It is significant in that we can no longer consider ourselves free of clubroot in Manitoba," said Holly Derksen, a plant pathologist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives’ soils and […] Read more

Canada wins high praise for its contribution to food security

STABLE Canada has pledged stable, long-term funding through the newly ratified Food Assistance Convention

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canada has won high praise from a senior official with the UN’s World Food Program for becoming one of the first countries to make its minimum nine-figure annual pledge up front as it formally adopts a new international treaty. “Canada is one of the strongest supporters of the World Food Program,” said Pedro Medrano Rojas, […] Read more

A penny a plant — back to the future in weed control?

Alternatives Researchers call for greater crop rotational diversity and more focus on integrated pest management

Reading Time: 2 minutes Back in the days when being a farm kid spelled work and a penny was still worth five Mojos at the local store, Grandpa had us all out there one hot, July afternoon hand roguing his seed oats for a penny a plant. If some agronomists are correct, it’s looking like farm kids of the […] Read more