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Henry: Lessons learned from soil probes this fall

Below is information from my farm at Dundurn, Sask., about 35 km south of Saskatoon, including the results of recent soil moisture probing. Soil: Dark brown loam, which holds 1.5 inches of available water per foot of moist (field capacity) soil. Completely recharged at seeding on May 13, 2013. Rain: May, 1.7 inches; June, 4.6 […] Read more

Aster yellows are suspected in the wheat at the top. The wheat below is infected with fusarium head blight. (Les Henry photo)

Wheat disease: Is it aster yellows or fusarium?

It’s late in the growing season, but there is still time to scout wheat crops for disease. I first noticed serious disease in my midge-tolerant Goodeve wheat near Dundurn, Sask., not long after flowering. It took me a while to figure out what was going on; I now know that these diseases are widespread in […] Read more