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Students can ladder out of the current Agriculture Sciences diploma program into Lethbridge College’s new Bachelor of Agriculture Science degree program, which is the only of its kind in southern Alberta. Students can apply now and start in September.

Lethbridge College launches new Bachelor of Agriculture Science degree program

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lethbridge College is showing how it is ready to meet the changing needs of the agriculture industry by launching its Bachelor of Agriculture Science program. The degree program, which is unique to Lethbridge College, begins in September 2021 and offers opportunities for career development, a path to further education and hands-on research opportunities, while focusing […] Read more

Grain-drying study needs farmers

Grain-drying study needs farmers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lethbridge College is looking for wheat farmers for a grain-drying study. It will examine in-bin natural air drying, in-bin drying with heater, high-temperature drying, and combination drying (high temperature followed by in-bin natural air drying). The study will be province-wide and is looking for producers with 20,000- to 50,000-bushel bins with temperature and moisture monitoring. […] Read more

Subsurface fertigation saves water and can boost yields, but with most of the research from the U.S., it’s hard to say if the systems are worth the expense in Alberta, says Lethbridge College researcher Rezvan Karimi Dehkordi.

New research digs into value of subsurface fertigation

Delivering water and nutrients straight to root zones is nice in theory, but the payoff isn’t known

Reading Time: 2 minutes Subsurface drip irrigation is gaining popularity in Alberta, and is now in use on 1,090 hectares. But while it’s more water efficient compared to surface irrigation, there are few scientific studies on subsurface fertigation (SDF) specific to Alberta crops and soil conditions. “Most of the data we have is from the U.S. on crops like […] Read more

Lethbridge College faculty visits Stamp Seeds.

Lethbridge College makes ag program more flexible

Reading Time: < 1 minute Students in Lethbridge College’s agriculture sciences program will have an extra year to determine their career path. The program is being revamped so there is a common first year focused on basics of agriculture, such as botany, animal science, commodity marketing, soils, sustainable agriculture and communications. Students will then select from one of three majors […] Read more

New centre to help farmers access latest research

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lethbridge College says it will set up a new centre to help farmers and food processors tap into the latest research and the expertise of its staff after receiving a $1.75-million grant. The Integrated Agriculture Technology Centre is one of six new technology access centres being funded by grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering […] Read more

Farm equipment dealer supports college training

Reading Time: < 1 minute Students in Lethbridge College’s agricultural and heavy equipment technician program will be able to get their hands on some leading-edge technology thanks to a gift from the Hanlon Ag Centre. The Lethbridge equipment dealer is providing equipment, installation and training on its precision agriculture system — a CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) network. It uses […] Read more

Senior research scientist Nick Savidov and aquaponics technician Penny Takahashi work in the college’s existing Aquaculture Centre of Excellence greenhouse.

Grants boost greenhouse research at Lethbridge College

Reading Time: < 1 minute A pair of federal grants will allow Lethbridge College to create a new commercial-scale greenhouse and also to purchase equipment for research work in precision irrigation and in antibiotic identification from native plants. The college is getting $1 million towards its Centre for Sustainable Food Production that will be used for the greenhouse that will […] Read more

The soil monoliths collection is now on display on the third floor of the Cousins Building at Lethbridge College.

This is some pretty special dirt

The unique collection of intact soil cross-sections is both a piece of history and a ‘priceless’ educational tool

Reading Time: 3 minutes A decades-old collection of ‘soil monoliths’ donated to Lethbridge College will be an invaluable tool for teaching students about soil. The 110 monoliths are vertical cross-sections about one metre long that show soil from a variety of regions in its natural state. Long been housed at Agriculture Canada’s Lethbridge research centre, the soil monoliths have […] Read more

College launches ag entrepreneur program

Students to be paired with local industry partners

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lethbridge College has a new program for students interested in agriculture, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The Agriculture Entrepreneur in Residence (AgENT) program will launch in September by pairing students with local industry partners to solve real-world problems that affect the agriculture industry. All college students are eligible to join the extracurricular AgENT program. At the beginning […] Read more

Agriculture risk management program approved

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Advanced Education has granted its approval to Lethbridge College’s Agriculture Business Risk Management (AgBRM) certificate program. The program was launched a year ago, and those completing it were initially awarded a credential of academic achievement. The provincial certificate approval provides a variety of benefits, including making students eligible for student loans. The program was […] Read more