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Three-active herbicide aimed against Group 2 resistance

Cereal growers in Western Canada looking for control of Group 2-resistant weeds including kochia, chickweed and cleavers, have a new weed resistance management tool at their disposal. Optica Trio is a Group 4 herbicide combining three active ingredients in one package to control broadleaf weeds in wheat (spring, durum and winter), barley and oats. “Optica […] Read more

George Groeneveld Deserved A Much Better Fate

Reading Time: 3 minutes I think we just kneecapped the only ag minister in memory in this country who really had the good of agriculture at heart. President, beef initiative group Re: New ag minister could change political fortunes, editorial Feb. 1. If there exists any problem in the countryside it was caused by deceitful manipulation of the facts, […] Read more

Global Pulse Marketing Strategy Needed

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canada’s pulse growers are sitting pretty when it comes to global marketing opportunities – that is, if they can get together and create a marketing strategy to get there. That’s according to Dr. Bruce Scherr, CEO of Memphisbased Informa Economics. “There are phenomenal prospects our there, but the pulse industry is in need of a […] Read more