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CROP CHECKUP: Wheat streak mosaic turns up in Man.

Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV) is showing up across Manitoba in winter wheat, according to the province’s latest insect and disease update. WSMV is spread by wheat curl mites, and chemical controls are not available for the mites or the disease. Scout winter and spring wheat fields for this disease especially where these crops are […] Read more

Southern Man. canola swathing underway

The swathers are rolling into canola fields in south-central and southeastern Manitoba and parts of the Interlake region, while winter wheat and fall rye harvests are also well underway, the provincial ag department reported Monday. Due to a publication ban in advance of a provincial election scheduled for Oct. 4, the province’s crop report, crop […] Read more

Man. winter wheat harvest underway: Crop report

Winter wheat harvests are getting underway in south-central and southeastern Manitoba, where farmers with developing crops are otherwise hoping for a soaking rain. Spring cereals in the province’s central region are maturing quickly in current dry conditions and are expected to be harvested starting in the next couple of weeks, the province said in its […] Read more

Midge control counter-productive once wheat flowers

Spraying wheat crops for midge after the crop has flowered is a waste of insecticide and may do more harm than good, even if wheat midge are still in the crop, Manitoba’s agriculture department warns. That’s because when wheat flowers it changes chemically, and a substance called ferulic acid is produced. Ferulic acid makes the […] Read more