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Six tips to successful land rental

This title to the old Russian folk tale by Leo Tolstoy hasn’t lost any of its significance.* It’s a question farmers ponder today, as land and land rent prices continue to rise to levels never seen before. Despite lower commodity prices, the cost of land is still rising dramatically in the Westlock, Alta. area (about[...]
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Long rows of saskatoons act as a shelterbelt and U-pick.

Doors still open for Alberta Shelterbelt Program

Shelterbelts can lower your heating bill, trap snow, foster biodiversity and provide wildlife habitat

There is a misconception making the rounds that the demise of the PFRA shelterbelt program means the Alberta Shelterbelt Program has also closed. Not so — in fact, the program will be shipping more plants than ever because of the demise of the federal program, said Alyssa DeGray of the Alberta Nurseries in Bowden. With[...]
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