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‘For years, I have written every minister of agriculture, education, and health — asking them to make farm safety education part of the elementary health and safety curriculum. Not one has shown any interest.’ – Marion Leithead

Opinion: An open letter to Agriculture Minister Devin Dreeshen

To be effective, farm safety education must be part of the regular curriculum in elementary schools

Reading Time: 3 minutes Following your appointment as Alberta’s agriculture minister, you were praised for being “smart, grounded, and ‘a stand-up guy.’” Let’s hope everything I’ve read about you will prove true. But based on past experience, I am somewhat cynical, as I have asked your predecessors to take action on embedding effective farm safety within the elementary curricula… […] Read more

Reader Finds Too Many Overriding Provisions In Land-Use Bills

Reading Time: 3 minutes Harvey Buckley’s opinion advising me not to “throw out the baby with the bathwater” (Feb. 14) sent me back to re-read Bill 36 (and 19 and 50). Look as I might, I could not find the “benefits” that Buckley claimed were hiding somewhere in Bill 36. Some might construe the creation of the Regional Advisory […] Read more