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Russia blocking U.S. meat over additives, West sees protectionism

Reading Time: 2 minutes Russia’s move to ban U.S. meat imports worth over $500 million each year, over a feed additive, will help domestic producers withstand an influx of cheap meat after Russia joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). Western food producers believe protectionism, rather than concern about additives, is its primary purpose. The influx has driven down pork […] Read more

Russia may block some North American meat over ractopamine

Allegation Russian watchdog says U.S., Canada violated import rules but little impact is expected on Canada 

Reading Time: 2 minutes As of press time last week it was expected that Russia may impose a temporary ban on the import of some U.S. and Canadian beef and pork products as of Feb. 4, amid concerns that they may contain a drug used to make animal muscle more lean. Russia’s Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service said Jan. […] Read more

Pork shippers to meet Russia’s new requirement

Canadian pork shippers will comply with Russia’s new zero-tolerance requirement for the feed additive ractopamine in meat shipments, Canada Pork International said Wednesday. In a letter to Russia’s Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (VPSS), the industry group said that, as of Dec. 7, all Canadian pork exports destined for Russia are being tested […] Read more

Russia to determine grain export cap Thursday

Russia’s government will determine on Thursday how much grain can be exported during this crop year before it considers imposing a protective duty to keep grain in the country, Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov told Reuters. "The day after tomorrow I will hold a meeting. We will decide and I will give some signals," Zubkov […] Read more