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Ranchers blame ursine version of ‘Meals on Wheels’ for rise in grizzly predation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Call it the animal kingdom’s version of ‘Meals on Wheels.’ Only in this case, the mode of transportation is helicopters and the menu consists of roadkill carcasses being airlifted to the denning areas of grizzly bears high in the southern Alberta Rockies. Collected by highway maintenance crews, and held in cold storage by the Alberta […] Read more

Cougars: Padding Silently Through Prairie Towns

Reading Time: 3 minutes With mountain lions moving increasingly eastward onto the prairie, a few precautions can safeguard livestock, pets and young children, say experts. One night last spring, a cougar the size of a German shepherd made her way through Pincher Creek, aiming to snag a couple of easy meals. The cat made her way from her mountainous […] Read more